Anyone here know of a good slogan I can use to put on my business card? I want to widdle down this mission statement type "Partnering with Court Reporters to achieve exceptional Transcripts" to something smaller.


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There are 3 types of slogans,
1- A slogan that explains what you do (like CSRnations slogan)
2- A slogan that could mean many things and makes people think when they see it (like Nikes Just do it)
3- A bad slogan, so bad that people remember it (tysons chicken slogan, What bird flu?) lol, Just kidding.

I would go with a slogan that will make your client look at it 2-3 times, I cant think of anything right now but if i do i will post them up.
Thank you Monti.
I am still at a lose for words.
Hello John,

I use Assisting Court Reporters Nationwide. You could try:

Aiding Court Reporters in Creating Exceptional Transcripts.


Exceptional Transcript Production is Our (My) Specialty


O'Sullivan + Busy Court Reporter=Exceptional Transcript


An Asset in Exceptional Transcript Production

Just a few ideas as I read your post. Nice to make your acquaintance, by the way. Hope to "see" you around the board.

~ annemarie grant
I like this one "O'Sullivan + Busy Court Reporter=Exceptional Transcript"
Thanks Annemarie,

I like "Your Asset in Exceptional Transcript Production" I tweaked yours just a little.

How about "Alliances for Accuracy"
I LOVE it!!!
How about "Partnerships for Peak Performance"
Alliances for Accuracy. I like this one the best. It will look great on a business card.
I agree Annemarie, but how would I word it? JEO Enterprises and Court Reporter Alliances for Accuracy or something like that? I think if I just put Alliances for Accuracy they might scratch their head.
John, you could try it this way:

JEO Enterprises

Professional Scopist(s)

Your Alliance for Accuracy

I like using double-sided business cards. That way, I don't have to say it all on the front side. I use the back to list my skills.

Hope you have a terrific New Year!



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