i was just forced to purchase a new computer and got a slick-looking Dell XPS M1530. true to its pictures, it's beautiful - but its reliability is a whole 'nother subject for the forum.

the question is: is it possible to output your realtime through a USB port?

i don't have a PCMCIA slot on the new Dell laptop and there are only 3 USB ports, one of which is reserved for the security button fob for my Catalyst8 software. i've also used a multiline block supplied by Stenograph in the past which plugged into the old PCMCIA card.

does anybody out there have a similar setup and, if so, can you tell me how you're managing to output your realtime feed to attorneys?

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I have seen many court reporters go straight from the USB to another attorneys USB, not sure 100% but I thought I did see it before.
Maybe others can shed more light.

till then, here are some pics of that sweet xps

thanks, monty. it even looks better than your attached pics. it isn't running, though - the screen keeps randomly blacking out. glad i purchased the 3-year in-home warranty !!! they sent a tech today to replace the LCD package. an hour after he left, the same problem happened all over again. could cause one to slash their wrists! anyway, i called Dell again and insisted on being sent a new laptop AND it's on its way as soon as it's built. in the meantime i'm home sniveling with disappointment and frustration ... but looking forward to more info about the USB realtime output issue!
I've always outputted to attorneys through usb-to-usb connection. Of course, that kind of simplifies it. There's a lot of stuff in between the usb-to-usb. I've attached the link where you will find the product that I use.

http://shop.stenodoctor.com/product.sc?categoryId=3&productId=2 For multi-hookups to five attorneys

http://shop.stenodoctor.com/product.sc?categoryId=3&productId=23 serial-to-usb adapter that will connect to the red serial port on the realtime block

The red serial connector is connected to a usb-to-serial connector, and then the usb portion goes into one of your usb connectors. Then the realtime cables with the blue serial connectors are attached to the block using a connection that looks like the part you plug into a telephone, then the blue goes to the attorney's serial port.

I've never had trouble with this arrangement. I've used it for at two or three years. I can't remember. And if you just have one attorney, you can just take the telephone-looking plug in and plug it directly into the back of the red serial port connector and skip the block altogether.

Hope that helps. Sorry I don't know the technical words for telephone plug.
hi kyung - thanks for your information. i'll try to cobble it together and test out the setup! thanx again! tom
I'm interested in attempting to use a set up with a wireless Linksys router. Maybe it's something you'd be interested in doing. Here's the website link with all the info. I spied it over on the compuserve reporters forum. I think this could obviate the need for serial ports, cables, etc.

Allison, what software are you on?
Eclipse. But from my reading of Dorothy McGrath's website, the software shouldn't be much of an issue.
Well, it may be an issue. Dorothy is talking about using Wireless, a router, and using file sharing. I don't think Catalyst is capable of doing this unless you use their CaseView Net software. Eclipse allows fiel sharing, and it works great with their Bridge software, which is free for the reporter to give to attorneys.
YOur Dell has an EXpress card slot; your best bet is to get an Express card to serial adapter. they come in a single or a dual serial port confiuration.

can't figure out how to attach a picture of it
thank you, dave, for all the information. i should have known about the express card, i guess, but with each new laptop purchase (approx every 2 to 2 1/2 years) they get reconfigured with or without features i've been used to. i guess the express card replaces the PCMCIA in a sense and it looks like it will be easy for even me to figure out. thanks again.

by the way, i see Stenograph is now offering something called CaseViewNet which will allow reporters to output their realtime through a reporter-controlled WiFi connection via a code provided to attys who want realtime. it also eliminates the wires/cables and looks pretty interesting.

thanks again - tom
Stenograph's wireless version requires that you be on the current version of Catalyst and I think there is a subscription fee to do the wireless realtime.
I recently picked up a Dell Vostro 1500; I was realtiming on my old laptop via a serial port. I didn't realize until after I got the Vostro that it had no serial port, but for USB ports. I picked up a RAdio Shack serial/USB converter, and with a little help from my software techies, I'm up and running. One of the 4 USB ports is used by the security key; another by a thumb drive; another by my resident rodent; and the 4th by the serial/USB converter to my steno machine. You may have to reassign a new port to your steno machine if you use the serial/USB converter.


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