Anyone out there, besides me, that has jumped off into the world of the unknown by running Eclipse on a Mac via virtual-machine software?

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I helped a reporter with it once, we got everything working correctly except the audio.
this was a year or so ago.
Lisa, have you checked out the Eclipse forum? There are a couple of people who are using Macs and Eclipse and loving it. I believe audio is working fine too.
Yes, I have, and I've been in significant discussion with them. It's been a great help! There is just this one lingering issue that nobody seems to have come across yet, including the guys at the Genius Bar...that's a bad sign! LOL
I probably haven't been paying enough attn to names. Sorry about that. I remember Elizabeth and that's about it.

Is the issue specific to Eclipse or CAT-Mac in general? Chuck Coleman seems to be a whiz at this stuff, but he's on CC. He and Elizabeth have been talking a lot about Macs over on CRF.
Hi Lisa:

I'm a Mac user, and have been since the mid-1980s. I had to use Windows machines for work (before scoping) and hated it. The minute Boot Camp came out in beta form, I was on it. I've been running Windows on my Mac for nearly two hears. I've been running Eclipse that way since the day I bought it.

Although I frequent CRF, I haven't seen any of your discussions. Usually, most discussions I see about Macs and Eclipse are reporter specific and, since I'm a scopist, I rarely read them.

I don't know if I can help you, but I have solved a few of my issues over the years that had the Genius Bar guys stumped. I don't know Eclipse like the back of my hand, but I do know Macs. If you think I could help, I'd be more than happy to try.

Welcome to the "Enlightened" side of personal computing!
Oh, boy, I am all over your offer. Where may you be reached for a thorough brain-picking? I do know Eclipse like the back of my hand - I'm a trainer for them - it's the Mac side of things that has be a bit perplexed. With our minds put together, we just may be dangerous.

I do LOVE my Mac, at least the parts that I've figured out. Once I figured out how to right click, I've been a happy camper.
Lisa, I just sent you a PM on here with my contact info.

Lisa, if you're familiar with Keith Vincent who is a triainer with Eclipse, he just jumped onto the Mac band wagon and is having great success. I would try and get in contact with him with all the tricks and suggestions.


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