This is kind of a silly question, but I'm at a depo and it's slow....

anyways, does anyone have a sure-fire reminder for turning your InSync back on after a break? I always am using it on breaks for fill-ins or clean-ups, etc., and sometimes I forget to turn it back on. And I usually realize this just about the time I hear a weird word or unusual pronunciation and I think, oh, I'll just play it back later.....OH CRAP!


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In StenoCAT and most other systems there's an "auto unpause w/key stroke" or something like that. If you stop the audiosync recording to take a recess, when you touch your steno keys it starts back up automagically. Check your audiosync preferences for this option.
You rock! Thanks, Eric
I have mine defined:
PAUS/PAUS/*R (pause)
SAOUM/SAOUM/*R (resume)

You should be able to set your own define for them. The *R is an 'extra' stroke I use for defines like this, as my 'Pause paranthetical' is PAUS/PAUS, lol.

ALWAYS look for the bars to be moving showing your mic is on. I always cough or something, LOL!


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