I have a main scopist who is awesome, but she works a full-time job and also has children. She takes as much work as she can handle. I have a couple of other backup scopists. One of them is awesome but she has a reporter she is her full-time scopist so she is limited for me. Another is just okay, and she is really slow...and I had another.....but that's another story!! So basically I only have one I can count on all the time.
What I am looking for is someone who can consistently pick up what my main girl can't do. Depending on the week, it could be two to three jobs a week. And also someone who will keep in contact with me on a pretty regular basis, via email, to let me know their status, not someone who lets four, five, six days go by and I hear nothing from them, and I have to contact them to see where they're at because I have not received a job back.
Anyone out there interested, please email me at mobriencsr@cox.net and we can discuss the details from there; i.e., rates, turnaround, style, etc..
Thanks so much,

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I have a great scopist on Stenocat32....I switched to CaseCatalyst so I don't use her anymore. Her name is ruth and her email is euscope@msn.com or euscope@comcast.net -- can't remember which one is the current one and her rates are great and she is excellent. She does great work and she will get it to you when you need it. she keeps you up to date on the status of the job
ok, it's euscope@msn.com
Thank you so much. You know what, I have used her before, and I forget now why I stopped. I think she may have just spot checked audio and if she was going to listen to the whole thing, she was going to charge quite a bit more. But perhaps I should send her an email and touch base.


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