Can anybody recommend a good insurance company that provides coverage for writers, laptops, etc.? Thanks!

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Just sent in my check to renew my coverage for my equipment to Marsh, Seabury & Smith.

A much-respected Federal reporter I know had to file a claim with them and was pleased with the service.
I use Marsh through NCRA. It is totally worth it. I can't remember how much I pay, but I know it's not much.
NCRA offers a fairly good policy through their agent, (I htink it's Walsh). I have their policy, update it each time I buy new equipment, and the policy premiums don't change drastically. I've even had claims, and with the proper documentation, no problems.
I don't know if this at all interests you, but I have a separate policy through my car insurance, State Farm. It is a separate policy, all to itself, and it runs me approximately $18/mth, which might be a little higher than NCRA, BUT the benefits are worth it to me. The insurance is paid regardless of what damage happens to your equipment, any of it. You accidentally run over your bag with all your equipmt in it, or it gets damaged in a flight -- whatever! The office is local, so they are able to cut you a check that day, or give you the okay to go ahead and get a loaner on their dime. No down time, paymt for lost wages, if any, and no mailing in my equipment at all. I have used the insurance twice in the last ten years, and have had absolutely no problems. i was in a car accident and damaged my steno machine, and they reimbursed the purchase of my Elan. It is nice when you can deal with someone that is right in the same city, because everything happens very quickly. Elise
Hey Janet, I added my machine on as a "rider" to my home owner's insurance policy. This ensures it is covered even if it is damaged, stolen, etc. outside my home.
Hi again Janet - Just today I received a phone call from my insurance company saying that, in fact, they could not add my machine on as a rider to my homeowner's policy as they originally told me they could because my equipment is business related. Instead, they offered to "float" a separate policy, just for my machine, etc. So I am going to go that route. Coincidentally, just today I also received a letter from NCRA warning that machines are often not fully covered under a homeowner's policy because it is business-related. Just wanted to clear up my previous post so it didn't lead anyone down the wrong path!
You can get coverage from NCRA. Otherwise, you can probably get it from whatever company manufactures your writer, but I think they only cover your writer, and it's REALLY expensive.


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