Hi i'm Nikki from Majestic Court Reporting. I am looking for court reporters and proofers who are looking for some work on Long Island and NYC. Please contact me if you are interested. my email is majesticcr1@aol.com , my phone # is 516-216-1688.
Hope to hear from you!!

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Definitely interested in proofing/scoping. I can be reached at 773.459.7279
Check your email. I emailed you with all my info.
I checked my email several times. Unless I am doing something incorrectly, I don't see any information. the message just says that you left a message at csr nation. Please give me a call at 773.459.7279
Please check your email from jean4reporting@yahoo.com. Thanks.
The only message that is there is: "you have a reply to a discussion on csr nation.com"; yet there is no actual message. Can you please give me a call at 773.459.7279.

Please contact me at 1 914 588 3675
I am a scopist from Long Island - western suffolk, to be exact. I know that you requested 'proofers', but if your agency or reporters also need a scopist, let me know. I use Case Catalyst, version 9.
You can call me at 516-707-7698.
Good luck with your agency, and I hope to hear from you soon!!

Hi Mary,
Thank you for your reply to my post.. can u foward me your rates.. and also do you do any court reporting, or know anyone who would be interested in doing some work? if so can you let me know .. Not so busy right now, but this way i will know for future work..you can call me or email me 516-216-1688 or majesticcr1@aol.com.
Hope to hear from you,
Hi. I am originally from Long Island, New York. I currently live in Las Vegas. I am contemplating moving back in the near future. What is the employment outlook for court reporters? Any input would be appreciated.

Hi Joyce,
it seems like the court reporting industry is doing ok from what i can see, Although it slows down in the summer. If you plan on moving back just send me an email majesticcr1@aol.com, and hopefully i will have some work. I am a new agency so the work is coming in slowly but at least it is starting to come in. Good luck to you and I wish you the best... Nikki
Hi Nikki,

Just a heads up, if you have Depos you need cover don't forget about our "last minute depo" feature, its easy to use and it sends job offers to out NY members.
its over here:- http://www.csrnation.com/group/lastminutedeposnewyorknewnersey

Hi Nikki,
I had emailed you previously if you are accepting interns. I have not heard back from you. Where are you located? I just graduated from LIBI. Let me know.


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