I have been having a very mysterious problem with Case CAT for a couple of years now, and I was wondering if someone out there might have an idea as to why.

The issue: I will be writing merrily along and need to add a dictionary entry. Dutifully, I hit CNTRL + D to define to my personal dictionary. I add the entry, life is good, I move on. I continue writing, the entry continues to work beautifully. I finish my job, end the job, end my session.

Cut to day two -- happily writing along again only to discover, much to my dismay, that the dictionary entries I entered and used the day before are no longer in my dictionary. But wait, it gets stranger -- when I press CNTRL+D this time, Case seems to remember EXACTLY what I defined this stroke as from the day before, and it auto-fills the text window with my intended entry from the day before -- YET, this is not a working dictionary entry.

What's happening? I seem to lose A LOT of dictionary entries this way and all of the double, and sometimes triple defining is becoming tiresome.

I am selecting the same dictionaries and using them in the same priority hierarchy --


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Not sure if this works on your version of CaseCat, but try putting your cursor on the word that's giving you trouble and hit Ctrl+Shift+Q. It will open up a little box that will tell you what dictionary the word is in - maybe that will help?
Thanks, tried that, it says it's not in a dictionary at all.
No, this is not the issue. D-defines are disappearing from my update area. I will define them one day and they work throughout the day, the following day, the entries are gone. And it's selective, it only happens occasionally with certain entries. If I D-define 20 things during one job, 17 of them will be fine, but three will disappear overnight.

I already merge my update area and personal dictionary about five times a week and back everything up.

I think it's clear that I need to call Stenograph.

Thanks, though.
Yes, that's possible. I think I'm going to have to track myself much more carefully and try to figure this out more systematically. It's becoming quite irritating to continually have to redefine things which I've already defined!

Thanks for the help.
Here's a tip from Sandi Starbuck: Two things: check to make sure that "use Update area" is checkmarked under Options when you start realtime. The second is when you see these entries, hit control + Shift + I to open the personal dictionary. It should be there. If not, it might still be in the update area.

Hope this helps.


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