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I have been a reporter for eight years but took a five-year break from it to pursue another career. Well, I'm back! I've since updated my software to Case Catalyst 8 and have a newer laptop, Dell. First depo, I noticed my audio sound was very poor. Almost sounds like someone was covering the mic (which was not the case). I have to keep listening to the audio over and over to figure out some spots. And sometimes, I could barely hear it. So I figured I hadn't used the mic in five years so I need a new one.

I purchased a new one through Martel. Same problem. Audio sound will start off fine, then something throws it off. There's no specific time it will happen. Could happen towards the beginning, middle or end and it will continue through the end of the transcript. Lately, though, it's happening by Page 2. The quality is actually getting worse & worse! Martel was no help. Stenograph was very little help. They suggested a few things but then he said that it may be a problem that nobody may be able to help me out with?? They both basically said "Don't know what to tell ya."

What could be throwing off the recording quality? Could something be running in the background that's interfering with it? I figure, who better to ask than other reporters? I'm in desperate need of correcting this problem. Any suggestions or advice is welcome! Thank you!!!

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Been lucky enough to not have to make the Vista leap yet. Still on XP. I use Stenocat 32. I didn't realize this was a real mouse. That's why I didn't find it. I don't have the Andrea mic but do have the Andrea USB mic adaptor w/ the headset input after hearing about it at a CE seminar and realized afterwards that's for mask reporters. I've bought more stuff in the last year than I care to admit, most of which I have no use for or no longer a use for.

Thanks for the Vista heads up. After the techno disasterous year I've had, I'm not sure I could handle the Vista tweaks at the moment.

Bummer on the Andrea adaptor. I have th Andrea USB omnidirectional microphone and it is fabulous. Quality has been so good. I only ended up with the mouse because I misplaced the Andrea on vacation. If for some reason the mouse doesn't work, try the Andrea. The people at Sound Professionals will do whatever they can to get yu up and running. Their support service is really good.
Thanks for everything, Lyndi. I'm writing this as I'm on hold w/ HughesNet (I live in the sticks), and like I said, this year has been a techno nightmare year. Hearing from other court reporters is invaluable, and I really appreciate you taking the time to share so much info with me. Hopefully I can reciprocate one day.

Thanks again.

soundprofesssionals.com -- they have the best mics and work awesome with my Dell.


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