I was just editing (it's 2:00 in the morning) and the whole time my page numbers were 1 of 72. All of a sudden, I'm on Page 40, editing, I look down and there's no more pages. It just ends. No more notes, no more text. My audio is still there, and when I go into File Manager and into my notes, the notes are there, but the translation is gone and the notes on the translation pages are gone at that point. Does anyone know what the **** could have happened? This is so scary. To make things worse, I have no tech support. Please!!!!

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This is goosebumps material. Best I can think of is to retranslate the notes and patch the remainder of your text to the first 40 pages.

It might not have been Eclipse. Did you get the last Windows update? The wretched things seem to cause more trouble all the time. The one from this last week left us without Internet access. Ted called our provider, Comcast, and their tech support said he'd already had several calls about this. In our case, it turned out the update caused problems with our firewall. We lowered the security level to medium on all our computers, and everything was fine.

Do you back up, like constantly? Only way to go. When I'm editing, I back up about every 30-45 minutes. I have a flash drive, a Maxtor system, and a Google account for storing files. Just close your Eclipse file, make a zip file which of the job, and go into My Computers, right-click, find the move to command, then select where you want it to go. If I'm working away from my home office, I send it to my flash drive. If I'm at home, it goes to Maxtor. Normally, it's just the finished project that I email to my Google backup account.

My sincere sympathies. This is true horror.
I would say to retran the notes. Pick up where the first left off, BUT would not patch in or include until you've finished the second tran...them merge them together. Sometimes that can cause your audio files to not sync up right. Before merging with the first 40 pgs, delete that first part from the second tran AFTER you've completed from pg 40 on down.

My scopist did this once...retracing what she did, we discovered she accidentally hit the keys to truncate or break the file w/out saving the second part. It's OK...you can make it work with a work around. Don't panic. You've still got it...just have to make a few extra steps this time.
There is a way to match up the audio when you've had to take apart files. I don't know what it is, but someone here might. If you need the audio for this job, suggest you wait a bit to see if someone in the online infinity can help. If that doesn't happen, it may be worth it to pay for a tech call.
Or you should try to optimize the file....sometimes when there is a glitch like that, it's the easiest way to handle it. You should have an optimize tab on your tool bar, it will ask you which file you want to optimize, pick your job, it will ask you to rename your job, and then puts it all into a new file name for you with no problems at all..

I know your heart was and maybe still is in your stomach, but it's all going to be okay. You will do just fine.
Keith from Eclipse hangs out and gives advice (free) on the Court Reporter Forum. For the url for the CRF go to gosearchmaster.com. The CRF is owned/run by Jim Barker (owner of SearchMaster), and the CRF is free.
I just spoke with someone one the phone has helped me with Eclipse in the past and she talked me through the Optimize. That worked. That's the answer. Yeah. Why it happened, I have no idea. Thank you so much everyone.


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