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My name is Brenda. I just passed two-180's. One with a 95.7 and the other with a 97. I am now getting ready to start my internship. I have to choose a software. I am already overwhelmed with the decisions I will soon have to make. So, I'm asking my first question. Which software should I invest in? Help. Thanks. Brenda

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Cassandra, if you ever switch to CaseCat, email me and I will email you my keyboard file for Casecat --- I had the rep make my functions on my keyboard to edit like the Stenocat keyboard....so it made it a lot easier to jump into Casecat. I will email you later about Casecat....I just have to finish a transcript that's due NOW!! lol lol Everything has been due RIGHT AWAY!! I wish I had 6 hands or I wish I could clone myself. lol lol Talk to you later

Does that keyboard file work for the student version for Casecat? If yes, would you mind if you could email it to me. Is it something I can use, or is that too advanced? Thanks.
Well, you just click on "restore" and bring my keyboard in. And then the backward slash will click you to arielle keyboard -- I think that's what it says.
I think you can use it in any version --- sorry for the late reply. I didn't see that you had asked me a question. If you want it, email me at ariellesantos@hotmail.com and say you want my keyboard
I will --- lol lol I keep getting emails that replies were put on this site,and I'm so nosey that I have to check it. lol lol But I finished one job, and one to go....will definitely email you.
I have been on Stenocat for years and have no problems with it. I would suggest though that if you are going to use the Mira you might want to also use Case software.
I used the Elan Mira with my Stenocat32 and I didn't have problems. And I used the wireless from the machine to my laptop --- But it is always good to use the same brands
Okay. Thanks. Still have a lot to learn. Thank you.
Brenda, I know you were asking about StenoCat vs. Case Catalyst, but if I were you, I would look into Digital Cat by Stenovations. They let you try out their software for three months, free! And if you like it, the lease is only $79 per month. I've been on it for about four years and love it. I started with StenoCat 32 and didn't like it at all. I constantly had to call customer support and they weren't always available. Whereas Stenovations customer support is 24/7. AND you don't have to be burdened with a software key. Digital Cat may not be as popular as Eclipse and the others, but it's a good software and VERY easy to use. I've never had a problem with it (knock on wood) and have probably only had to call customer support three times in the past year just to ask a general question. And the best part of all, if you have a scopist, they give you the scopist version FREE!! The only thing you may have to pay for is the price of shipping and handling. If I were a student, I would definetely start out with Digital Cat and not burden myself with the hardship of paying off some software that costs thousands of dollars when I could get one for the mere price of a monthly cell phone bill. :)
Before I passed my test, I tried out scoping using Case Catalyst. I didn't like it whatsoever. I have had StenoCat32 since I've been reporting and am really happy with it. Also, you can lease it for $700 or whatever per year, so there is no initial $4,000-$5,000 investment.
Yup, when I got the CaseCat and all their functions are with the F1 or F2, etc keys or using the Shift or Control key....when the trainer came over my house, the first thing I said to her was to make the keyboard like Stenocat32. And she said, but we are going to waste most of the time doing this....and I said, it will take me longer to learn all these functions and why bother when you can make the Casecat keyboard like the Stenocat. So she did that. Most of the functions are the same as Stenocat. I forgot to do some of them. Like it Stenocat we use the "h" to put dashes --- I had Casecat change it to when I would hit the "H" key, it would automatically go to the function to add a header, which I use more than putting a stitch.

As we get older, it's hard to learn new things. And thank God Casecat has that capability to change things for each reporter. So when I swtiched over, it was easy as 1-2-3. And their tutorial CD is great.


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