I just made the switch to the Lightspeed writer. I looked through the groups here to see if there was a Lightspeed users group and didn't find one, so I just started one up. I hope that you'll join me if you are a current LS user or would like to learn more about it.

Check it out in the Group listings.



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I am a newbie (less than six months) LightSpeed user. I can say that once you get through the initial headaches, it is so well worth it! No more upper back/neck body pain!!
Email me at ilovedigitalcat2@hotmail.com

Greta Duckett

I've used the Mira for two years or so. I really don't like it. I constantly have the cover up adjusting stroke depth/tension trying to prevent stacking. The reason the LS was so appealing to me is the size, weight, touch, and it has exactly what I want in a writer and not the things I have no use for. I use audio sync through Eclipse, so I didn't use that feature on the Mira. I have my laptop on every single job with me, so I have no need to have a dictionary loaded into a steno machine. I guess more than all of that, I keep the LS right on my lap and don't have to have my arms out and extended all day long. I have had a lot of upper body pain from the reaching out, even with the tilting tripod I've used for years. Having the LS right there on my lap relieved all of the tension. It's much more comfortable.

The next time you're at a convention, check out the LS. I tried it without the key pads and didn't like it, but I love it with the key pads.

I got the white one. I liked the black, too, but didn't want fingerprints showing.
I have RED, and it's awesome.

I do use the LS with Eclipse. I use the USB connection. I've had no problems with Eclipse recognizing it.

I heard that they're coming out with a new writer. I don't know any details about that. Maybe someone else on here might know??

I spoke to Carmen, the salesman, last week. He told me the refurbished LightSpeeds have a three-month warranty only. If you do not think the LS is for you during those three months, you can return it for the same restocking fee that you would pay on a brand new LS: $375.

If you want to keep the refurbished LightSpeed, after the three months you can opt into the protection plan which costs $300 for a 12-month period.

I kept my scribbled notes. It is best to contact Carmen to confirm what I have just written here. Digital CAT Sales: csantone@stenovations.com
The three months is a return window. You can return a LS within 90 days and pay a restocking fee. The warranty is different, and it lasts a year, then you can renew the warranty for $300.

There are no new writers as we speak, there are only refurbs for 1800. The "new" writer is not really new; they redesigned the keys to be a one-piece overlay so that light cannot enter into the sensors and possibly cause problems. The redesign on the keyboard overlay is not a next generation and you can't trade in your LS on that one.
Greta, Carmen told me the warranty on a refurbished LS is only three months and not an automatic year for the $1800. For all those reading these posts, please confirm with Carmen. If I've misunderstood him, post again here!
Hi, Janet!

I'm very much interested in the LS, but I have a feeling the county (Los Angeles, that is) won't allow us to use it because there is no backup, as I understand it. (I know the laptop would essentially be our backup, and I intend of keeping the MIRA as an extra writer in case of emergency, but management won't go for it!!!) AAAARRRRRGGGGHHHH!!!! I've heard so many positive points that I may have to persist, though, in bringing it up . Maybe I'll wait until the budget crisis is over though (sigh)!!! There's a convention in October and I'm hoping I'll see a demo there. I've never actually used it, but there's definitely good buzz around the LS!!
Enjoy (and hope to join you some day)

josie :-)
Hi Josie & Allison,

There is the SD card backup, and then I have two backups on my laptop.

I'm going to the convention in DC. Maybe the new one will be there.

Is anyone else going?

The new LS is really a change in the keyboard -- instead of keys poking up through the cut holes of the metallic backing, it is a one-piece overlay made of something that reminds me of tire rubber (but doesn't smell like a tire :)

I don't know if that new overlay model has gone into production yet. Last week there were only refurbished LS's available.


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