I just made the switch to the Lightspeed writer. I looked through the groups here to see if there was a Lightspeed users group and didn't find one, so I just started one up. I hope that you'll join me if you are a current LS user or would like to learn more about it.

Check it out in the Group listings.



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My laptop I use with LS is at work right now. I don't know how much RAM it has, but it's only a year old. How much RAM do you have? That would be great if all I have to do is add RAM.
I'm really talking about XP. Vista usually has more RAM.

It is my personal opinion that if all those who are translating with only 1 gig would switch over to a 1 1/5 or 2 gig computer, they will see a much better tran.

Someone please prove that I'm wrong.
I have 2G on my mini computer and 3 G on my big laptop I use at work. I agree with you, Jenny: It makes a difference!
I've got an IBM ThinkPad (older model) w/XP and I found 2 gigs of memory at $60 and went and had Best Buy install it. Best money I've spent in a while. Realtiming software runs like a breeze . . .
Karen, I've sent you a regular email with some files attached. Check your spam if you don't get it soon.
Are you only using stacking option 5? That seems to work best for me, to use that exclusively. I'll try upping the number. Thanks!
I, too, hate having to change the way I write because of a machine's stacking. I did switch my period to P-P and comma to W-B because of the stacking on the Mira. I do know that it's not me since I never had issues at all on my Smartwriter.

I had no stacking on the LS, and then I started adjusting the combination strokes & all of a sudden had stacking. I have now turned the combination rules off and am using Option 5. Hopefully, it will now go back to the great translation I was getting.
I now have the combination rules turned off & am using Option 5, and it's all good!

I was using my LS on a job the other day when it started stacking (before I made the above changes). I decided to switch to my Mira, because the case is important & they needed roughs on it. I switched the writers out at a break. I'm now definitely spoiled. The Mira felt like a foreign object. To make matters worse, I had just put new key pads on the Mira, and they were slippery.

After feeling how great the LS touch is, I don't ever want to go back. I'm looking forwarad to the day I can sell the Mira and never look back.
I have heard so many good things about the Light Speed, can't wait to get one...just wish I knew someone who had one to take a better look at it...i remember seeing a vendor at a show and I just walked right passed it not knowing what it was...uggg....
I almost did the same thing, Annette, at the NCRA annual convention last year. I saw it in passing, went to write on it (the display had no key pads) and I didn't like the feel. Since reading LS threads, though, most users put pads on the keys and like it better that way. Hopefully I'll get to check it out in October at my state convention here in California. Well, that and the Gemini.
Does anybody know about how much less they cost at convention? I am trying to decide if I want to go by myself or if I just want to order one online. thanks!
Probably the best thing to do would be to e-mail the company directly and ask. Many times companies do not offer special convention pricing. I don't know why they wouldn't.


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