Well, work is winding down so I'm actually having some time to watch TV at night.  Last night I started watching Downton Abbey.  It's a series that is currently on PBS.  I think it's in season 3 on TV.  I am starting from episode 1 and streaming it on Netflix.  OMG, it's really good.  It's a total thumbs up.  How about you?  Have you seen anything you would like to share?

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I happened to catch a good movie last night.  It is called Austenland.  It stars Keri Russell. One of the co-stars is Jennifer Coolidge.  You might remember her as the nail technician friend of Reese Witherspoon's character, Elle Woods in the Legally Blonde movies.  This movie is light and fun.  The acting was great.  I loved it.  I saw it on one of the cable movie channels.

I'd like to see it.  I love anything Austen.   Also Lost in Austen in cute.  A modern woman goes back in time and exchanges places with Elizabeth Benet.  Pretty funny and cute.

I can't wait to watch this for some reason, "Ice Lake Rebels" on Animal Planet.  All these people live in houseboats on a lake in Canada.  There is some law in Canada that if you live on this lake you don't have to pay any taxes.  It looks to be pretty dangerous.  It starts this Sunday if you are interested.

I really like "Rectify" on Sundance Channel.   Season 2 just started.  You can download it on Netflix I think.  Really good show.  It's about a middle-aged man who is let go from death row due to some technical issue.  He goes back to his hometown.  Some people think he's innocent and some people think he's guilty.  It's really good.  It's a good one to "binge watch."  It's real interesting to see how people form opinions and really stick to them.  I personally think he's innocent!!


Hey, thanks for the tip, Lorraine.  :-) That sounds like a show that I would like.  I'm going to check it out.

Watched the first episode of Outlander on  Starz.   I thought it was pretty good.  I know millions of women loved the books.  Sexy romance, historical, fantasy.

I think it looks good.  I'm going to give it a try.

I think I like "The Knick" on Cinemax.  It has just started.  Tonight will be the second episode.  I am embarrassed to say I like like "Below Deck" on Bravo.  Totally mindless, but I like it, LOL

Janiece, I was just pulling up this blog to write about "The Knick."  I really like it.  I think Clive Owen's is so good in this.  I love the 1900's and how they've recreated that.  Okay.  Now, I'm going to go watch the "Below Deck" on Bravo.  You've got good taste so I'm gonna check that out.  If you are ever in Houston, let me know and I'll make you dinner!!  :)

Once again, it's that time of year when I have time to watch some TV when I'm not cleaning, LOL.

I watched The Lone Ranger the other day.  It got terrible review, but I really liked it.  I have also watched The Knick, The Affair and The Missing.  These are short series on premium channels.  I would give them all a good rating.  They were not the best things I had ever seen, but I did watch all the episodes of each show.  The Knick is interesting b/c it shows how medicine was developing in the early days.  I didn't realize that cocaine was legal back in those days.

You knew cocaine was legal, right?  That's what was in Coca Cola back in the old days, that's how it got its name.  I haven't even heard of either of these shows.

I'm more into the reality shows like The Voice and American Idol, which I think is back on now.  I'm trying to join a book club and start reading more and meet some new people.  Tired of sitting in front of the TV all the time.  That's my New Year's Resolution.  Let's see how well I do.

I recently watched The Missing on Starz, and I thought it was very good. It's about a missing child in France and it's 8 episodes for the whole series.  


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