Hi, I'm trying AVG for my antivirus.  I'm using the free version for now.  I had used TrendMicro for years but I'm tired of paying them every year.

What do you use?  Ever tried AVG free?



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I had free avg on my computers for a few years... and it was fine.  Then put on McAfee because it was free through my cox acct.  Now I use the free version of avast. Both avg and avast were based on recommendations of a computer guy I know that does computer work for drs. and dds. offices.  When I ended up getting a bug/virus/trojan, whatever it was, while I had McAfee, he took off McAfee and put on the free avast.  So I put it on all the computers in the house, including my work laptop, but AVG worked well too.

I use Microsoft Essentials and it's free.     It works pretty good or as good as anything out there.

Yes, I'm using it and have been for four years now. It's great and catches everything for us. We have it loaded on two desktops, one laptop, plus all the office workers' computers at my husband's work. It's really good and allows you as the user to control what gets scanned and what doesn't. Enjoy!

Cahy Houser, Scopist

I have the paid subscription to AVG.  It has blocked some threats, but I recently got a virus that it didn't block.  I was able to get rid of the virus with Spybot Search and Destroy.  That's a great tool for getting rid of malware, tracking, etc.  It is free.  I use it in addition to my antivirus software.


Here's a link if anyone is interested:



AVG is what my computer guru uses, just the free version too, not the paid for.  Seems to work just fine.  I'm sure if there was something better, he'd advise me.

I used to us AVG, quit using it.  Had issues with my computer and got viruses.  So did my dad.  I've been using

Norton Internet Security that you can usually get on Amazon for about $20 and it will go on three computers.   I used Trend Micro, too, and got viruses.

It's $40 a year renewal.  And it's not a computer hog like Norton used to be.  It's been great!  Now, I do not use an antivirus on the laptop I take to jobs as that laptop never goes online so I don't have to deal with an antivirus in realtime.

Keep in mind, whatever freebie you take, could be extremely difficult to uninstall if you decide you want something else.

I use Avast on my computer that I use for realtime, AND I turn off the automatic Internet connection.  I used to use Norton, but it got to be such a PITA to turn it all off every job, and if something happened and I had to reboot, it would turn on again and I'd have to turn it off again.  Never had a virus with Avast BUT I very rarely go on the Internet with my RT computer.

Oh, and Trend Micro was the absolute WORST for interfering with my Eclipse software.  I bought it on someone computer guy's recommendation and ended up deleting it and just eating the months left on the subscription because it was that bad and IMPOSSIBLE to turn off.

I have been leaving the AVG turned on during realtime and haven't had any issues with realtime.  I'm using Stenocast EZ Send.


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