I am supposed to get training to use edepoze on a dep soon.  Has anyone had any experience with this?

I am not sure what I am getting into.


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The deposition went great. Got the training and got ceus.

Instead of having paper exhibits, the attorney marks the document electronically, and everyone signed in gets it on their screen, including the witness and me. At the end I emailed myself all of the exhibits.

I hope this catches on.

Saves a lot of trees for sure.  Great idea.

I think it's a great concept and will save a lot of trees.  You can also draw/do pointers/highlight the X also!

I have used electronic exhibits but not with edepoz.  It is a lot of equipment to set up and lug to the depo.

How nice it would be to actually see the exhibit they're quoting from!

When I mark an exhibit, I always ask for an additional copy to follow along with.  99 percent of the time, they have another one to give me.

But having it on a screen and scanable is GREAT!

I hope more attorneys start using edepoze

When the exhibits are coming fast and furious and they're flipping back and forth between pages and paragraphs, and your fingers are on your steno machine, you can't follow along with a paper copy.  But if they take the time to display it on the screen, then you can!



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