It's only $1,800.   (Formerly by Turbocat - Smartcat).  

 Anyone used it?

(I am on the low end of court reporting.  This seems like something that would work for me).


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Oh, I can identify with that but from another angle.  went off the deep on me too.  I quit them the first chance I got.

I used it a few years back.

As Jessica mentioned, there was a dictionary issue that was hard to get past, in that it came with a "Demo" dictionary, and there was no way to add you are own ... so I just renamed my Phoenix Theory dictionary as "Demo," dragged that dictionary into the Apeiron folder, and got it to work -- mostly. Some of the outlines weren't working correctly, and the gal in Support suggested that I do a Find and Replace on whatever the issue was ... but while that was going on, she said, "Wait! I meant ..."

Too late, I had already done what she told me to do, and sure enough, it screwed things up royally.

That was the end of my time with Apeiron.

As for digitalCAT, I think it is great software, but unfortunately, we have also had a bit of a falling out, such that I am "no longer wanted as a customer."

Still, though, I push digitalCAT on Facebook for new students that have to have CAT software and need support from time to time, and point them to the various articles I have up on Cheap and Sleazy for those late night problems that always happen on the weekends.

All that said, Plover is awesome. Even better, I can run it on my Mac, without having to run Windows! Hard to beat that.


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