I went to the website (getacourtreportingjob) - or something like that. This is an ad I found.
They want an ATTRACTIVE person to work on the glamorous profession of lawyers, doctors and judges. I thought it was bad enough with attorneys hiring secretaries based on looks. Well, since I am 50, and average looking, I guess I won't apply.

Salary: N/A / Yearly Location: Dallas, TX
Type: Full-Time Zip Code: 75201

We are seeking an attractive, dependable, detail oriented and highly organized Learn to be a Digital Court Reporter. Excellent Pay! Equipment & Training Provided Part-time - Full-time Be a part of the glamorous profession of Lawyers, Doctors & Judges! Computer knowledge and keyboard skills a must.

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Thanks for that, Judy. Really. Oh, would you be a dear and hand me one of those proverbial 10-foot-poles with which I'd never touch this? I think reading over old threads on, say, the CR Forum from a few years ago is entertaining enough. Too bad the old MSN Court Reporters Assistance board is gone ... now THAT was a good thread!

LOL...and the funny thing is they are completely serious!?!?!
Hi, Debbie. Yes, I do believe they are serious, VERY serious about their concept. I've watched it and listened to some things that they've had to say about it all, and I believe ... and stand to be corrected ... is that the ultimate way a firm owner can use their system to increase their profits by +/- $10,000 per month is to simply do away with the whiny, demanding, over-paid court reporter in the equation and go straight from tape to transcription. Now, that's my take from my read of their material. Others may come away with another impression after learning about it.

This string needs some testosterone. ;-) I can't believe that ads like that are still placed in this day and age. Although it says "attractive person," let's face it, what they're looking for is an attractive female. I wonder how a qualified (albeit attractive) male would fare among the applicants? Something tells me not very well. For shame, for shame. The fact the word "attractive" is used at all is such a pity. Attractive to whom? The person hiring? The attorneys? I mean, come on...
"I wonder how a qualified (albeit attractive) male would fare among the applicants? Something tells me not very well."

Oh, I don't know about that, Chris ... especially if he showed up with that ten-foot pole.

Through the Magic Mirror Ap of my computer I can see you smiling!
Hmm, ". . . Digital Court Reporter"? "Equipment & Training Provided . . ." sounds like ER to me, but in Texas? Does TX have ER? I don't mean to sound ignorant but I honestly have no idea. I always thought they were a steno-only state. ". . . glamorous profession . . ." that's funny!!

Nice, Mary Ann!

They have in their ad no legal experience necessary. I'm sure the transcripts are just beautiful! I really don't believe a serious litigator would opt for a sideshow over a record they can actually use.

I wonder how she keeps the ZZZ cups from blocking the shot in video depositions.

Last year there was a website that was sent around, I can't remember who they were, but it was a CR agency and the home page was all the girls dressed up in baby doll t-shirts... reminded you of Hooters.
That's Boss Reporting in Florida. I remember that.
I knew they were in FL. Thanks!
I went to Boss Reporting. They're now wearing black or dark blue t-shirts. It's a fairly nice picture.

When I got out of court reporting I weighed 120 and wore really nice and expensive clothes. Now, twenty years and five car accidents, I weigh 155. I better lose twenty pounds within the next two months so I look more presentable.

I quit smoking cigarettes on February 16th, 2008, at 1:30 p.m, and since then, my weight has taken a turn for the worse.

Just remember, though, Marilyn Monroe was a Size 14! :)


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