I came home from work today and decided to sweep the pool since it was so nice outside, and a bee stung the tip of my finger -- right on the pad where we write.

I received the greatest advice from our pediatrician when my daughter was one after she had picked a flower with an unwanted honey bee underneath it and experienced her very first sting. I can't tell you how many more times we have used it the last 23-plus years and four more kids.

As soon as you can, put underarm deodorant on the sting. Cake it on, cover it with a Band-Aid, and the poison will be drawn out.

Of course you all know to flick the stinger off and not pinch it, so you don't drain the poison all into the body, but after you do that, try the deodorant.

Once again, it was proven to be such an awesome fix. Right when it happened, all I could think about was missing the opening statements tomorrow on a guy that killed his dog in front of his young children -- made the news around here -- because my finger was going to be blown up, and here I am typing like nothing happened a couple hours later.

It really works. Try it next time you or a loved one gets stung.

Just call me Ms.Heloise Frazier. :)

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I didn't know the flick verus pinch, let alone the deodorant ~ great tip (I'm sure my kids wish I'd know it for these first 11 years!)
Thank you, Heloise Frazier ;))
Glad you finger didn't swell and you're going to be able to take down that testimony. Great tip too. Thanks. I'm sure I'll need it eventually. Does it matter what kind of deodorant?
Thanks, Kyung.

I couldn't even figure out which finger it was this morning. It's just slighly red.

Yes, not the gel or spray, but the solid. Cake on as much as you can get on the site and put on the Band-Aid to hold it in place.

Of course if you don't have the solid handy, use whatever you have.
What great information, Tami, especially now when the Africanized bees are swarming here in So Cal.


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