I've been debating on getting a new phone for a long time now, and I think I'm finally ready. I"ve narrowed it down to the two. Just wondering what everyone's take is on the BlackBerry versus the iPhone? Anybody?

I've had my same prepaid phone w/ the very basics (only voice mail) for about 4 or 5 years now. I basically only use it for business calls and long distance calls, since there is no extra charge for that on my minutes, but rarely make very lengthy long distance calls. I would really like to start being able to check my e-mail from my phone and maybe have some type of calendar doodad in it, nothing more. And I'm not very good at working these high-tech products, so the easier to use the better.

Now, I haven't looked into the cost of service for either phone at all and am totally clueless about that. I think I've heard my techy sister mention she pays $100 a month for her iPhone -- yikes! I have to mention, again, I've had the same prepaid phone for 5 years. I buy a $40 prepaid card at the end of each month to load on my phone and have only went over my $40 limit twice in 5 five years. I'm very, very nervous about my purchase because my monthly phone bill is probably going to double, but now that I'm a CR I guess I deserve it, right?

So I'd love to hear everyone's pros and cons on the phones. Thanks in advance for all that reply!!

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Boo! I love my iPhone. :) My husband has offered to buy me a BB when I get my license. I haven't encountered any flaws yet. Perhaps I'll accept my husband's offer. Then again maybe I'll have the best of both worlds.

We love our gadgets.
Yes, I just joined a couple of days ago.
I'm in the same boat considereing phones, so it was great to read all your replies. I'm a new CR going on just one year and need many things. I didn't want to spend the $, but it seems like we really need it for business. I will be buying a BB after I buy my much needed CR suitcase.
Hi there ... have you made a decision???? I've facing the same challenge now.
I think the best way to make a determination would be to ask yourself: Do you want a phone for practical/business purposes or one more geared towards fun and games?

If the answer is the former, I'd go with the BlackBerry. If the answer is the latter, then the iPhone is your gadget. :)
my main reason is receiving e-mails, but a very important factor is which one would allow me to e-mail transcripts to my scopist. that would be great, especially if it's expedited!!
hi Lauri,
what email address do you use? Iphone only supports push email on yahoo and mobile me ($100 extra for mobile me)

Blackberry supports push email on virtually any email type.

What do u mean email transcripts? I am not sure how you are going to move the transcript from your laptop to your phone unless you have bluetooth on your laptop.
hi Monti ...

what is push e-mail. My e-mail provider is earthlink, but I don't think that has anything to do with it? i thought there was a usb cable that can be placed between the laptop and BB or iphone ... I also heard about something called air-sharing ... where you can synch your laptop and phone.
Oh, doh!
yes, if you bring your USB you can transfer the file then email it, sorry.

Push email: your email comes to your phone instantly as soon as someone sends it to you.
None push: you have to fetch it yourself or set your phone to fetch emails every 30 minutes or whatever (it will drain your battery)

Honestly, its 2009, its push or nothing.

Your earthlink will not push to the iphone, BB will with out any issues.

There are apps you can buy or tricks you can do to get push on your iphone. (am doing it on my gmail to iphone and it works 99% push)
Hi Monti,

I think I am really getting a clearer picture ... do you know if there are apps to sync your iphone and laptop and use the iphone as a tethered modem? or can you do it via USB?
No way no how you can tether your iphone unless you "jailbreak it". which is illegal, will void your warranty and a HUGE hassle.

THAT SAID, you will be happy to know that AT&T will start offering tether plans by the end of this year starting at $30.

I am truly amazed at how freaking awesome the iphone is.. believe me, its very hard for me to admit, lol.

also, earthlink?? you should really look into getting a gmail account :P
Files could be attached to BB e-mail, but I'm not sure how large a file it would support. If you were transferring audio files and/or transcript files, they might be too large for phones to handle.

Another issue is transferring the transcript file to your phone, like Monti said. You could do that if you have an SD card with a micro SD slot (I know a lot of the netbooks have SD card readers built into them), and then you'd have to take out the micro SD from the SD card and put that into your phone (if it's the BB). Seems more trouble than it's worth. Then you're back to whether the phone has the capability of transferring such large files.

Seems like it would be much easier to just have wireless internet in order to forward the files to your scopist.

I know people have used the BB as a tethered modem, in which case you would be able to hook the BB up to your laptop to get an Internet connection and then forward your files to your scopist via your laptop. I have attempted that several times, and I must be a total doofus, because I've never been able to get it to work. :(


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