I've been debating on getting a new phone for a long time now, and I think I'm finally ready. I"ve narrowed it down to the two. Just wondering what everyone's take is on the BlackBerry versus the iPhone? Anybody?

I've had my same prepaid phone w/ the very basics (only voice mail) for about 4 or 5 years now. I basically only use it for business calls and long distance calls, since there is no extra charge for that on my minutes, but rarely make very lengthy long distance calls. I would really like to start being able to check my e-mail from my phone and maybe have some type of calendar doodad in it, nothing more. And I'm not very good at working these high-tech products, so the easier to use the better.

Now, I haven't looked into the cost of service for either phone at all and am totally clueless about that. I think I've heard my techy sister mention she pays $100 a month for her iPhone -- yikes! I have to mention, again, I've had the same prepaid phone for 5 years. I buy a $40 prepaid card at the end of each month to load on my phone and have only went over my $40 limit twice in 5 five years. I'm very, very nervous about my purchase because my monthly phone bill is probably going to double, but now that I'm a CR I guess I deserve it, right?

So I'd love to hear everyone's pros and cons on the phones. Thanks in advance for all that reply!!

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You can now access CSRnation from your iphone or BB by going to http://www.csrnation.com/m

Please let me know how you like it.


ok ladies, i cant believe I am conceding.. But after giving up on the first generation Palm Pre, I got an iphone and I must say.
after a little tweaking the iphone is hands down the best thing out there.
still BB is best for simple email.

After installing Navegon GPS software (which is $70) my new iphone has real GPS system.
I also had to buy Gpush, an application that pushs my Gmail emails to me.. so its real push email (like blackberry) but its not as smooth but it will do.

So yes, iphone is light years ahead of other phones in almost every aspect except emails (unless you use yahoo or mobile me then your getting native push like BB)

another negative for the iphone, so far I have plunked $620 compared to the $200 n my pre and not to mention the more expensive plan.
3.0 iphone software supports push on all applications which is the reason why I conceded and bought it.

Monti, you have been sooooo helpful. Now, I'm really confused. I love the Iphone, but it's not push and I think that's really important for e-mail to arrive real-time. I think I should just take a chance with my wireless internet that I will be able to send a transcript to my scopist via e-mail. I've had Earthlink for ten years and don't do change well. Last question of the night ... I promise ... what makes G-mail better?
Oh, there are many reasons.
1- they give you insane amont of storage.
2- you get google docs integrated with it.
3- in my opinion it is much user friendly.
and much more.

also, my original email was hotmail, 4-5 years ago i set all my emails to forward to my gmail account and never looked back.
with time people will know you moved to gmail.. and hey, if they insist on sending it to your earthlink, its all good since you keep receiving them anyway.
also, gmail offers a way to integrate your earthlink account inside your gmail account.. so you can send emails from your earthlink account via your gmail account (ok, its getting confusing now)
Now, if you move to gmail you can buy an app for 0.99 cents that will make your iphone push, problem solved.

If you have an apple store near you go and check out the iphone.. however, get ready to buy it... cause you will :P
thank you ..... good night :)
Anytime, goodnight.

Push? Pffft. I get e-mails right when they're sent to me on my BB. :P

Realtime e-mail is waaaay better.
Actually yahoo and gmail both support push email on the iphone.
still though, BB is better for simple, realtime email on the go.

Iphone is catching up though, the screen keyboard is surprisingly smooth.

Monti :D
Okay. I have to fess up after seeing all these replies today. After reviewing all the feedback in this discussion and weighing the pros and cons of BB vs. iphone, I really thought I wanted a BB. I went down to the AT&T store and said I was interested in the BB and wanted to start up service. I explained to the sales guy that I was not very tech savvy. I told him what I wanted my phone to do, and then he hands down suggested the iphone instead. He emphasized on how complicated the BB is to work, and the iphone is much more user-friendly.

Needless to say, I chickened out and didn't buy anything. I still don't know which to choose. ughh. My boyfriend, however, was so intrigued by the iphone that he's now going to to get one this weekend. So he said if I want to get on a family plan, I better decide which I want so we can get our phones together. I figured, well, I might as well the the same as him, so he can help me with the phone, since he's more techy than I.

And now you two have completely confused me about the e-mail thingy. You've got some more splaining to do :). The sales guy didn't tell me that part. I want to receive my e-mails as they're sent, not 15 minutes later or I may miss out on a CSRnation job offer :). I use AOL for my e-mail. So I need more input on that part, cuz really I was just looking to receive my e-mails.
I'm tellin' you, Jena, if all you really need your phone for is to make phone calls and e-mail, then the BB is your gadget, TRUST me! :)

The AT&T rep is probably an iPhone fan, so he pushed it on you. The BB is not complicated at all! Especially if you're not tech savvy? Then I don't think the iPhone would be for you. Toooo much fluff! My sister has the iPhone, and she had to go out and buy SEPARATELY the user's manual. I don't think I even opened my BB user's manual once. :)
I have to admit, from the 75K applications on the iphone only about 100 are actually good.
The rest are farts, beer and butt jiggling nonsense.

Monti, you crack me up! :D


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