Does anybody have a system or product they like for their cables?  I want to tame this mess of power strips and cords and USB hubs that surrounds my desk.

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I coil up my cables, electrical cords, whatever I can, then use black duct tape around them.  I have one real good power strip on the floor behind the desk, then two small ones on top.  The appliance cords are also duct taped.  Something that won't ever be unplugged or of least importance, goes in the back power spot, work my way up.

I have used this for several years now and can recommend it:

Those cable boxes are very clean and sleek.

If you're the handy sort (I'm not), you could make the same thing out of a shoe box.

I think I have seen ribbon boxes people make that would work.  I'm sure if you look on Pinterest. 

I ended up using Command cord organization products to keep things off the floor and hidden behind my desk.  They seem to be a really good solution.  I'm completely cord free now where my feet go and the strip is hidden off to the side. 

I added an ioSafe fireproof external hard drive yesterday.  The tech recommended CrashPlan, which does seem to be a good (free) backup program.  You can actually back up to another computer on your network, back up to a device, or they have cloud service as well (free for 30 days). 

I have ordered these to mount my surge protectors on the backside of my desk:

To keep cords in place I have ordered these:

I have ordered these clips from Blue Lounge:

I ordered these: rubber toilet paper rolls for cords (maybe instead of duct tape Mary Jo:))


Thank you for posting this.  And thank you to all the people who posted what they use.  This looks so much better than the jumble of cables I have going on.  I am putting it on my list of changes to make in my office.


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