Anybody familiar with this agency in Washington D.C.?  Their Web site is down; so  I couldn't check them out.  :/


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It is owned by Wayne and Jill Cohen.  Has been in business in seven years.  Have approximately ten court reporters.  Supposedly bills out over 5M a year.  This is just the basics. 



Sorry.  They have a revenue of over $500,000 a year.  They're on facebook too.

Hi, Jules.  I actually thought Capital was owned more actively by Wayne Cohen, atty, and Shari Broussard, reporter.  They've had that running ad in the JCR for what seems like at least a solid year or more that shows the little old lady tearing her hair out with the tagline "It's Not Too Late!  Sell Now!" looking for reporting firms to buy.  I think there's also one with a roll of money, and maybe one with an old lady with a frying pan, but I forget the taglines for those ads.



Jules,  I'm pretty familiar with Capital.  Do you have specific questions about them?  They pay very fast, if that's one of them.  You can email me, if you want, at





Hi Jules.

Like Rachel, I also sometimes work for CAPITAL here in Chicago.  But there is also a CAPITOL out of Rhode Island, much smaller scale.   I would second whatever Rachel says about them. 



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