Does anyone have a Scopist version of Case Cat for sale? I've been offered a position working w/ an agency, but the software is $1,4000! Grrr!

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Does that mean you will be an employee of that firm and won't be doing work for others?  If so, they should provide the software.  If you are responsible for buying it, Stenograph does offer a payment plan for scopists.

Yes, I do.  I will offer you a better price than 1,400.  Mine is current.  I will sell it to you for 1200.  That includes the license transfer fee so it is totally yours and you will have maintenance for 1 year from Stenograph.  Give me a call if you are interested.(816) 854-9277




I'm in a similar position. Did you find someone to help you with this? Any referrals appreciated

You can contact Case Cat and they have a lease program where you pay quarterly.  


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