Greetings, everyone:


Thought I'd kick off the restored CSRNation by putting out a few briefs from my last week.


gastroenterologist = GROLGS


gastroenterology = GROELG


complaining witness = KHR-NS


, for instance, = FRE*UNS.  I have this defined as a suffix in Eclipse.


domestic disturbance = DURNS


for our purposes = FOURPZ


admissible evidence = D-FLD


e.g., = AOE*G


i.e., = AO*E


incomplete hypothetical = PHREUP


itinerary = AOEURNT


You know what I'm saying = YOEUMS


further pretrial = FRAOEUL

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Wow!  I love some of these briefs, Cathryn.  But can you tell me why you defined ", for instance," as a suffix in Eclipse?

Because it is a phrase that is always attached to the word before it without a space in between.

Never even thought of that.  I would have defined it:  {,}for instance{,}   I guess there's more than one way to skin a cat -- or CAT, as the case may be!   I love the brief though, and it's one of those that will instantly stick in my head.  Thanks!

also for more briefs, you might want to check out Brief Encountered put out by DRA, it's great.  You put it on your computer and you can have it open and as words come up you wanna see what briefs they have, just type it in, i use I besides my Brief It in Case, adds to the fun of the job!

I have one. 

Would it be fair to say --- WIZ

Kelli had some really good "and" phrase briefs on
Nice, Cathryn! Those gastroenterology briefs sure will come in handy.


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