I have been searching for this product for years, ever since Mike Miller ("Depoman") mentioned it once but said it had been discontinued or couldn't find it.

Sold by: Amazon.com LLC  $11.99
It's a heavy duty cardboard, fabric-covered box that collapses flat, or close to it.  I frequently have depos with lots of exhs, and inevitably they get spread all over the conference room table and mixed up with other people's copies etc.  I've always wanted something that would corral the exhibits.  So I ordered this in red and will open it up and smack it on the table in front of the witness and instruct him, when he's not actively looking at a document, to keep it in there.  Then after the depo I can collapse the box flat again and put the exhibits in a Redweld and strap it to my wheelie or put it in a separate little briefcasey type thing.  Problem solved!

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