Reporter Kicked out of Court for Wearing Gold Disco Pants....

I thought it looked a little tacky.  I saw this on AOL and thought I'd share.

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It's really interesting; when I wear what I call my "power suits" with really nice jewelry or one of my really flattering dresses, I definitely notice more respect.  It's true.  Attorneys just seem to be nicer and ask, "Kelli, when would you like to take lunch?  What works for you?"  I just love that.

Martha, I do disagree about the shoes.  I have beautiful pumps that are open-toed.  However, I always make sure my toenails are painted and look nice always.  A new DSW shoe store just opened up by my house and I can't stay out of that place. 

She dressed that way she did because of the lack of respect newer generaions have for government.  As a substitute teacher I had to tell kids to get up for the Pledge of Allegiance.  In Florida people tend to use the courtrooms as a breakroom, just hanging out.  I rode the public bus a few years ago and a man reading the paper was chatting with someone, stating he he once was told to leave a courtroom because he was reading a newspaper.  I see cars that don't stop for funeral processions.  As a sub I had lots of sixth graders who had no knowledge of the civil war.  People have no respect for those who have died in combat or been in the service.  People have no respect for police.  People don't pull over in traffic for a police car or an ambulance.


Our world has changed.





Ah, your comments seem a little off topic but okay....

I'm just giving examples of how people think today, the strong lack of respect, lack of respect for society in general, lack of respect for governmental institutions, lack of respect for church.  In my day you dressed in your Sunday Best for church,  Today ---.  She probably put on those clothes, had plans for later in the day wearing those those clothes and didn't want to change, and figured they were okay for court.


When I went to court I wore a suit.  If I go to traffic court (bad girl syndrome) I dress with dress pants and a professional shirt and dress shoes.  Others come in shorts. 

Totally agree with everyone.  Yes, clothing and hair, so important - and, if other reporters notice another reporter's appearance, just thnk what the law firm or attorneys are thinking.  Kelli's right:  When you "dress up" for a job, no matter how large or small, it speaks volumes of the person - and you are treated better.  "Dress for the job you want," is also good to keep in mind.  "Clothes don't have to be new, as long as they're clean."  I could go on and on, as this is a topic dear to my heart - and so glad it was posted. 

P. S.  I have no problem with open-toed shoes; again, as long as there's a nice pedicure peeking out.

When I'm wearing styled hair and makeup and nice dress or suit, I always feel better.

And don't forget to smile!



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