I got the idea from the "View From My Conference Room" discussion to give people the opportunity to have a photograph they have taken featured as the forum background.  The current picture is one that Kelli took from a conference room in San Francisco.  I talked it over with Kelli, and we decided that we would feature one photograph a month.  I think it will be great to see the cities from different parts of the country. 


I've found that some images come through blurry when enlarging them for the background.  If you'd like a photograph to be featured, I'd suggest that you take a couple of photographs just to be sure one of them will work as the background.  If there's a problem with an image, I will let you know.  Just upload your images in reply to this discussion. 


I've taken some great pictures with my iPhone.   I can't wait to see where everyone is working!



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I wish I had some of the pictures from the CourtReportersSite.com website we had online for a while.  They were really cool.  I hope all of you will join in and include your city/country where you work.  It doesn't even have to be where you work.  Maybe you were walking your dog and you passed by an open field with beautiful flowers.  Whatever. 

Janet and I get bored with the backgrounds all the time.  This way, we could make it fun with a new background from different parts of the US or elsewhere for that matter. 

I'm going to the South of France in October.  I'll try to bring back some amazing pics from there that we can use too.

Kelli and Janet,

I love this idea.

You know what?  I think it's a fabulous idea!  


Love this idea!  And I loved that you started off with the creepy angels in SF!

Janet is a genius.  I tell her that all the time.  I actually want to frame this pic in my house I love it so much.  It is very cool.  I really need to take a pic when the fog is going through those very lovely ladies.  Talk about ominous......

You could frame this photo, Kelli.  I wonder what it would look like in black and white.  I'm sure there's a computer program that could change it to black and white.  That might look nice for the photo you want in your house.  I see designers do that kind of thing on those home design shows and it is a very timeless, classic look.

Corel PaintShop ProX4 - thanks to Quyen.


Black and white.  I do like this one better, Janiece!

Thank you, Janet.

I think I would go with the black and white for a picture in my home.


That is so cool.  I agree, black and white is much better.  I'm going to have to do that.  Thanks, Janet. 

Here are a couple I like.

Los Angeles peeps will know this one right away.  It's the twin towers in Century City.  I was sitting in the grass courtyard below eating lunch, and I thought it was so cool looking straight up at the towers.  My iPhone didn't come close to capturing how far up they go and the effect of sitting right below them.

And this is one of the best views I've ever gotten of San Diego.  It's from the top floor on the outside balcony of the Emerald Plaza.

Lisa, both of your pics work.  I personally like the way the top pic looks as the background.  I'm trying it on for size on my page.  Check it out. 


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