My microphone needs replacing. And I was looking at the CM-1000 USB or DAC CM-1000. Then I found the Stealth Microphone on Depobook, and a sound card that can be purchased also. The sound card sounded great to me. They say it increases the volume from ordinary recordings. And my laptop seems to have lousy volume on playback. Does anyone have experience with the Stealth Mic, sound card or both? Or if you have an opinion you'd like to share about a mic you like to use, that would be great too. Thanks in advance!

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The USB CM-1000 has a long cord.  It's not near the fan of the computer.  If you can do it, order one of the USB and one standard.  That will start your chain.  I haven't had to add another one to the chain, although I have them in case a situation comes up that I'd need more.

I am curious - what makes this a "stealth" microphone?

Janet is right.  The Sound Tech microphone is the best.  Shows 59.00 above.  It used to be more.  I've been using it for years.

If you're not shy about advertising the fact you're recording -- or boosting the sound -- this is what I use, and it's terrific.  It is a USB mic.  I went to Guitar Center looking for something... anything... better than what I was using.  The guy in the audio/mic department explained that with USB mics you have a cleaner recording, less static/garbage.  I have a Sony Vaio that I could not get a good recording on, no matter how many different mics/sound cards I purchased.  With this guy, I can actually hear what I recorded without headphones.  Heck, my husband can even hear it in his office.  I purchased a pair of Bose headphones yesterday and the two combined is perfection! 

And when the attorneys do notice it, and they usually do, they always comment about how cool it is. 

That is cool.  Looks like something from outer space. 

He looks like R2D2. :)
How much does it cost, Judy?

I think it was $70.  I bought it at Guitar Center.

Judy, that microphone is so cool! It does look just like R2D2. I Googled it. And they sell them at Best Buy too. I want to go see what they look like in person. Does it pick up sound in a whole room? I liked the feature of Janet's microphone because you could daisy chain it down a table. Inevitably, someone objects very softly down there. It would be nice if I could hear that from the next microphone setup I use.


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