My microphone needs replacing. And I was looking at the CM-1000 USB or DAC CM-1000. Then I found the Stealth Microphone on Depobook, and a sound card that can be purchased also. The sound card sounded great to me. They say it increases the volume from ordinary recordings. And my laptop seems to have lousy volume on playback. Does anyone have experience with the Stealth Mic, sound card or both? Or if you have an opinion you'd like to share about a mic you like to use, that would be great too. Thanks in advance!

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I heard of someone who likes it a lot.    I think she uses it without the sound card.   I use a sound card very much like that one in the picture.  (I use an Andrea).   So you will probably get the best sound with using a sound card, too.   You might be a lucky one to have a laptop with a good internal sound system, but it seems like those laptops are far and few between nowadays, hence the need for the sound card.

I am not sure I was clear.  The sound card is for recording quality.  The speakers of the laptop are a separate issue. My speakers on my laptop are bad, too.  I use a earpiece to listen to the audio.  

Thanks, Martha. I definitely would like to have more volume on playback. I use a subwoofer and speakers for playback now, but they tie me to the desk. I'd like to be able to get great sound elsewhere besides at home at my desk. And my microphone is putting out crackly sounds lately.

I couldn't get a good, clear sound using a standard microphone on my Toshiba Satellite.  I bought the USB version of the CM-1000, and I love it.  Have you tried a USB mic before?


If anyone is interested, the price of the USB CM-1000 has come down on Amazon.  It's now $47.99.




I have a microphone that someone recommended from Stenograph, cost $150, and it was great when I worked for the Court, etc.  I still use it.  But another cheaper microphone I used for backup had quit working quite a while back and I always like to have a backup recording, so this weekend I bought a microphone at Radio Shack from Gigaware, the cost was $17.99, I think.  I haven't tried to record yet.  I'll be testing it today to see how well it works for recording while plugged into my computer and also plug it into my Elan Mira.  It's probably not as good as the Stenograph mic, but it's just a backup.  It doesn't require a battery.

Janet, I was thinking of either ordering the DCM 1000 or the other microphone just like it that's not a USB. I thought perhaps the wired microphone would be better with the laptop, because of the noise of the fan being so close to the microphone. Does your USB microphone pick up everything in the room? The other thing was someone said something about the wired microphone could be daisy chained to other microphones. That may be a good idea? I'm not sure.

And Karol, would you please let me know how your Radio Shack microphone does? Having a secondary microphone that's not as expensive may be nice, if it at least records adaquately.

Martha, thanks for clearing up what the sound card is for. I still think it may be a good idea. Is the Andrea sound card the same exact thing? Where do you buy one of those?

I bought my sound card at Sounds Professionals.  But you can't use a USB plug with it.   It looks a lot like the one in your link.

Thanks, Martha. I'll go over to Sound Professionals to look at it.

I use the standard CM-1000s daisy chained to the USB CM-1000 for larger rooms, arbitrations, etc.  It does pick up everything.  I recently did an arbitration.  The attorneys questioned from across the room, and it picked them up loud and clear.  I had one mic in front of the witness and one in front of the panel.  The panel always seems to be the toughest to hear, so I wanted one there.  I could have kept going with the chain over to the other side of the room, but I didn't have to.  I could hear them fine with the setup I had.   You plug the standard CM-1000 into the port on the USB CM-1000.  Then you can add on and on with the standard mics. 

Thanks, Janet. That sounds like the best setup as far as being able to record voices in any part of the room. I had no idea you could daisy chain from the USB to the wired CM-1000. I would definitely get both. Does your laptop play sound well? I started looking at the Depobook Stealth microphone because of the sound card that they sell. But now I understand the sound card only enhances the recording quality. I still need to find something to make playback louder from my laptop. I thought someone mentioned something to make the sound louder. I'll reread this post again to get what that is.

I have this headphone amplifier.  It works better than the Boostaroo.  I have that, too, but don't like it.


This amplifier plugs into a USB port.  You then plug your headphones into this amplifier.  You can adjust the volume of the output.  Here's one on Amazon for $19.49:


FiiO E5 Headphone Amplifier

FiiO E5 is a Portable Headphone Amplifier designed to improve the sound quality
and volume of any portable audio source such as MP3 players, iPods, personal
media players, mobile phones, laptops, notebooks/netbooks, or portable CD
players. The E5 retains all of the advantages of the popular E3 while adding
many new features and a substantial boost in performance, all inside a very
small and slim aluminum case. With built-in volume controls, the E5 can be used
with the line-level output of audio sources for even better sound quality. More
than just a refresh, the E5 offers higher power output, better signal to noise
ratio and lower distortion. Built on an entirely new amplifier platform, the E5
provides superior sound quality and works well with high impedance headphones.
Two EQ profiles are available for flat or bass-boost response, allowing
additional flexibility in obtaining optimal tonal match with different
headphones. Highlight Features - Robust design handles high impedance and low
sensitivity headphones - Easy to carry and use both indoors and outdoors -
Increases your music player's battery life - New amplifier design with high S/N
and low distortion - Very high PSRR for superior supply noise rejection - Metal
case reduces interference when used with GSM mobile phones - Discreet power
switch - Built-in electronic volume control for ultra low noise - Two EQ
profiles: flat response and bass-boost modes - Built-in rechargeable battery
provides up to 20 hours of normal use - Mini USB charger port can be used with
any USB power source - Built-in metal clip conveniently attaches to clothing,
bags, and etc Specifications - Output Power: 100mW (32ohms Load) 18mW (300ohms Load) - Signal to Noise Ratio: >=98dB (A Weight) - Power Supply: 200mAh
rechargerable battery - Frequency Response: 10Hz - 60kHz - Distortion:
<0.009% (10 mW) - Voltage: USB DC 5V

I'm ordering it! That is exactly what I need. I use a subwoofer and desk speakers now. And while this works fine, it ties me to one area. The FiiO will give me back the portability I want with my laptop. Thanks, Janet. This is great.


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