Look at these two pictures I took of my Diamante key adjustment screen and that of the loaner.

See how some of the blue bars on my writer don't even show up and on the loaner they are all

at least a half an inch?  I think that's a circuitry issue.  Stenograph has told me that doesn't make any difference.  Even when I put the adjust keys at default the blue bars look just like these pictures.

I am curious what the height of the blue bars are on others' of your machines.  Maybe I'm just being anal, but this has caught my attention, since I'm having such stacking and splitting issues that are better with some of the loaners.


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Did you see Mary Ann's post and video about her machine after she had it retrofitted?

Yes, I did, but this is a different issue I'm asking people about.


Let me try this and see if it works.  I'm a new user on Photobucket.  Here goes:


I guess the link works - I'll check back soon to see if it does.  But my question is, if the blue bars mean nothing, what do the blue bars mean???  What are they there for?  I think the fact that you are having much better translation rates with a loaner, a different writer, is quite telling.  Just my opinion!


Mary Ann,

Is that a picture of your writer?  The blue bars have something to do with the magnetic registering of they keys

or something.  Yours looks more like my writer than the loaner.  I wasn't told they mean "nothing" but I was told that they don't have anything to do with stacking or splitting.


Kerry, that is a picture of my Diamante writer screen.  See that straight white line?  I think that's the adjustment, and I have never adjusted the stroke on mine so that's why I think the straight white line indicates no adjustment.  Looks like yours have been adjusted.



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