Does anyone know if there is anywhere to get a charger for the Diamonte other than Stenograph?  I want one as a backup, but they want to charge me 12.00 to ship, which seems quite high.  I don't know if they are standard and can be purchased elsewhere.

Please email at if you have any info.




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I tried to buy one from RadioShack and Stenograph told me it would ruin my Diamante, so I had to buy it directly from them.  Not sure if this is true and they just wanted me to buy it from them.  Who knows.  I just didn't want to take a chance on ruining a $5,500 machine.

Michele, I think it's proprietary and you have to use the one from Stenograph.  Like Kelli said, you could wind up damaging your writer.

Thanks for your help!


TopCat Steno has everything. And they're great at everything.  Each item on their home page I'd trust them with.

I imagine you'd be happy to pay ten times that amount to ship a Diamante charger for your Diamante if another charger fries your Diamante, but check out this link below from Acculaw for a Diamante charger.

You can get it from for 39.95

$27.94 at Acculaw, but you'll have to check for shipping costs.


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