Bill mentioned he is an old dragon because he is an old reporter and didn't get on CAT.  Me too!!  Since I don't have software yet, I tried Dragon Natually Speaking.  It cost $42.00 at Staples for Dragon Basic.


It is amazing!!!  It far exceeded anything I expected.  People also tell me I talk funny.  The software doesn't seem to have a problem with my speech.  The voicewriters use Dragon.  One thing I really like is I save my energy by not having to type.   I am on my third transcript, and I have gotten faster and better with the Dragon.


I am sure very few of you will ever need to use Dragon - but just in case.   Some of the Dragon (legal and medical)  is like over $400.00.  The basic at $42.00 is great.

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Mary Jo, I'm glad the basic is working for you.  I've been using the Pro for years now, and still love it!  Here's an old link from this site.  The comparison link inside it doesn't work.  I've upgraded over the years, so now I'm on Version 11.  I may upgrade to 12.  My brother is using 12 Premium and it is working extremely well for him.  He uses it all the time.

Thanks for the post and link (which I went to).    I now know that when I do get software I can still use the Dragon for editing.  I still remember the old days (1981 to 1990), when I did a transcript, I was wiped out.  No more.

So, Mary Jo, are you writing to paper steno and then dictating them into the Dragon when you get home?

Yeah.  I am doing public defender depos.  We all tape them.  So I am listening to the tape and reading my steno at the same time. 

How could a reporter incorporate this into editing with Eclipse or CC?  Do you just tell the software what you want it to do and it does it?  Sounds intriguing.  

Jenny, I know you're on Eclipse.  How do you use it for editing?

Jenny will tell you in more detail.  But it's pretty simple - and pretty cool.  For me, I go to a Word document.  Then I turn on my Dragon.  It takes a minute for my profile to generate.  Then I turn on my mic button.  I haved mine set up on my desktop computer (but a laptop is more flexible). 


You also need a microphone headset (like a skype set). I think The Dragon software comes with a microphone (but mine was the type you plug into the back). I got one with the USB.


Basically, install the CD into your laptop.  It does its thing.  Then it  gives you a "learning profile."  It gives you sentences and a few paragraphs, to set up your voice recognition profile. 


Then I go to the program I am using (for me, Word).  Then I turn on my Dragon.  Then I turn on my mic.  And I'm ready.


The more expensive you buy, the more you will get out of it.  If you're interested, Kelli, buy the cheap basic one for the $42.00, buy it as a sample to get an idea of what it is.  If you like it, then go to the more higher quality.  Maybe Jenny can do a discussion about her more expensive one so you all can learn what to expect out of it. 

Kelli, here's a link to the NaturallySpeaking web page for Professional 12.  I think you need the Professional version if you want to be able to create custom macros for editing.




Sounds complicated, at least setting up macros for me has always been a bit tricky.  I have a few of them but don't remember how I even set them up now.

Maybe one of these days they'll have a system where we can take some kind of gizmo to talk into to the deps and just repeat what everyone says instead of write on a steno machine.  Now, how cool would that be!!!  Lol.

Amanda, they have that already.  It's called VOICE WRITING.  Half the people I work with are voice writers.  They have a stenomask (a mic), that covers your nose and mouth.  You plug it into your tape recorder and yap away.  They have their own association, NVRA, have an RPR and an RMR, and they have realtime.  They use a laptop for realtime, with Dragon software, and (something) to record the words, with their stenomask.  Look up voicewriting.


I didn't end up with DigitalCat.  But it's working out.  My depos are short (very short).  I make every effort to write clean on my steno.  For making a transcript, I use my tape recording, read through my steno, and use my Dragon with my skype gear.  I'm doing pretty good.  I can keep up with my tape pretty good and yap to Dragon.

Commented below re voicewriters/voice writers (I prefer one word).  The use of the two technologies together is intriguing.  I have Eclipse and often thought of adding Vox, I believe it's called, just to check it out--and may lead to something; who knows.  I'm big on deductions! :-)


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