Bill mentioned he is an old dragon because he is an old reporter and didn't get on CAT.  Me too!!  Since I don't have software yet, I tried Dragon Natually Speaking.  It cost $42.00 at Staples for Dragon Basic.


It is amazing!!!  It far exceeded anything I expected.  People also tell me I talk funny.  The software doesn't seem to have a problem with my speech.  The voicewriters use Dragon.  One thing I really like is I save my energy by not having to type.   I am on my third transcript, and I have gotten faster and better with the Dragon.


I am sure very few of you will ever need to use Dragon - but just in case.   Some of the Dragon (legal and medical)  is like over $400.00.  The basic at $42.00 is great.

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Hahaha. Was being tongue-in-cheek.  Can't imagine anyone in this business not having knowledge of voicewriters.  Thanks for the links, though! ;-)

It's a problem,though, if they are sick, have a respiratory problem, can't breathe, coughing a lot - and can't speak.  You can't have a respiratory, be coughing, and speak too.  LOL.

Ugh!  This is the second time CSRNation has only posted a few words of a longer reply.  Had to delete.  Let me try again--a shorter version.

Like idea.

Maybe Jeremy could incorporate into Eclipse.

Edit with a headset at the depo (quietly) while writing realtime.

No more editing from machine or computer keyboard.


I gave a demo to Jeremy at last year's NCRA convention, showing him exactly how I edit in Eclipse using Dragon.  He told me my demo got his wheels spinning in that direction, so one day there may be an updated version using voice in some way.

O.M.G.  That would be amazing, Jenny.  I hope sooner than later!!

Why couldn't one do that now? Jenny, have you tried using Dragon while writing in realtime?  Not something to try on the job, obviously, but on your own time.  I suppose it could overload the system, what with steno machine input, realtime output, and audiosync already going all at once, but I wonder how difficult it would be to incorporate Dragon right into Eclipse for editing on the job.  Maybe it doesn't need any "incorporating" at all if it's already seamless for editing an .ecl file.  Sounds intriguing - and amazing - at any rate.

I believe it would work in RT except you'd have to wear a mask-type device so you didn't annoy anyone, and I'd never do that.  I am very happy using all my RT macros from the writer to edit while at the job.  However, I'd never go back to scoping in Eclipse without the use of Dragon.  I've been using it for the past six years and am constantly thinking up new voice macros to edit with.  Such a great investment - and I have one of my brothers to thank for pushing me to purchase it.

Good point.  I knew there was an angle I was missing.  It still sounds very cool to me and I am going to try it. I mean the editing part, not while in realtime on a job.  Thanks for your input, Jenny!

Jenny, can you give us a quick rundown on how to make a macro?  Kelli would like that.

You can only make a voice macro when you have the professional version of Dragon.  If anyone gets that, feel free to contact me and I will help.


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