Hey there everybody, I have heard of people being able to tell how fast they are writing a job. i've hooked up to realtime and don't see any such "speecometer." Could you please help me out? I'm taking the CSR exam pretty soon and want to see how I am doing:)

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HI Mary,
In Eclipse when you're writing realtime and have the realtime status window open, there is a section for WPM. So that's where you can see how fast you're writing (or how fast people are speaking:)) In a job it's under "window," "view" and then you click on "view Realtime status." It only appears as you're writing in realtime. Hope this helps!!
Where is the WPM? I have heard of that. I am writing real time, I have the status window open. I have conflicts, entries, untranslates and I think one other thing which is AI or something like that. I have clicked on "window" and clicked on realtime stats there too and I don't see any wpm, so maybe I have an older version of EclipseNT? that's all I can think of. Maybe I'm blind, I'll look one more time, but I am hooked up to realtime and when I write I don't see WPM. Sorry I'm so dense, but HELP
It's one of the choices you can click when you are opening your realtime file with ALT T. Click on the box that says (I think) show statistics.
Mary, I think you can right click that realtime stats box and choose what statistics you want to see. Please let me know if that's right.
I will check that today when I am doing my job. I always hook up to realtime to see how my translation rate is. I will let you know if right clicking is the way to go. I thought I had tried that too, but we'll see. Thanks!
I personally wouldn't put a lot of weight on the technology myself.

I sat through a NCRA student seminar where the speaker/reporter told the group of students that she was taking a job that was registering over 300 wpm. (I actually think she even used a 350 figure.)

The poor students about had their chins to the floor. What I think the students didn't know is this same reporter has never been able to pass the 225 wpm RPR.

I found it disappointing myself. If I could write a job at 300 -- I can't, BOIT -- I could pass a 225 with a missing finger.

I question the accuracy of the so-called "speedometer."

Good luck on the CSR, Mary.
Yeah, I'm not so sure how accurate that is either. I think one time it registered something outrageous like 650 or something. I remember my eyes just about popping out of my head when I saw the WPM. Right!

Depends on your writer. If you're using a Stentura, which dumps the notes periodically from the floppy, you'll get a spike, an unreasonably high one like the 400-500 range. If you're using a Mira or LS, one that doesn't dump, it's more accurate, although still an estimate. BUT -- and it's a big but -- it's only for the last small amount of time, a matter of seconds or words. It's not how fast you were writing for 5 minutes or even a whole minute, so it's no reflection on how you'd do in a speed test.

But when it's spiking over 225 or 240, up to 300 (I have seen that with the LS), they are flying and you know it. It's kind of nice to see that WPM as confirmation of why you're hanging on for dear life.


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