I'm looking to talk to anyone who has worked for Global Deposition out of NY. 

A friend of mine and I are both having trouble getting paid on jobs from four months ago.  And we're hearing that quite a few other people have had the same trouble as well.

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They have a nice website.

I worked for Theresa and Global years ago and found her difficult to deal with regarding payment.  As far as the "send your rates, your expected time to get paid and have them sign," I've done that, too, and the bottom line is I have found the only sure way to protect yourself when taking assignments for out-of-state agencies that are not national agencies is to tell them your terms are COD.  When the file is complete you email them your bill, they pay, you send the file.  If they are reputable they will understand the precaution you are taking and will not balk.  If they are NOT reputable, why take the job then get burdened with another job of collection???  I've had it with that.  Done it too many times with these smaller agencies.  As a small agency if I was looking to cover a job in California and the reporter didn't know me I would not blink if she said COD.  

Thanks for the feedback, Roberta.  They did pay me for the first couple of jobs, and I had to fight for those payments.  Had I known they would flat-out refuse to pay going forward, I clearly would've set them up on a COD basis.  They claim that they accidentally mailed the payment to the videographer, then avoided calls/e-mails for another few weeks, then finally replied and said the attorneys haven't paid them, and then .. nothing.  No replies, no phone calls.  I had to hire an attorney to handle it.  :-(

I did receive e-mails from a couple of their regular reporters in NYC who indicated their work has fallen off, so perhaps they're heading into BK.  (?)  

I used to live in NJ and worked a lot in NYC.  I had to demand that a check be ready for me when I came to the offices after a job to pick it up.  I finally got paid after I did that.  To add insult to injury, it was the worst divorce depo I ever had, with the attorneys and parties almost getting into a fist fight and me having to walk out of the room.

That IS an insult to injury, Barb! Aaack!  Divorce depos are my personal all-time worst!  

My jobs were extremely difficult too -- two hours to the depo each way; 300 pages a day of scientific jargon (with foreign accents - scientists!); videotaped; reporter-provided laptops for realtime (x 2); immediate rough drafts; expedites.  I worked my butt off and was exhausted for days upon days when it was all said and done.  In addition, I paid expedited rates to a scopist and an additional proofreader in order to get these jobs done in time.  

I will, of course, be fine, but I'd sure hate for other reporters to get stung by this group.  I made it for 13 years of reporting before ever being "stiffed" by an agency.  I'm told I'm pretty lucky.  HA!

That's sad to hear that people are not getting paid by Global. I have worked for them over the years and have never had a problem getting paid. If time passed all I had to do was call Theresa and she paid me immediately. I hope things work out.

Beware of Global...There were a few reporters last year who posted about them and the owner threatened to sue them for slander, which it isn't slander if it's the truth.   They do not pay!!   They also owe me several thousand dollars.   They have quite a name for themselves these days..Reporters beware, do not work for them!!

Could you mean Discovery Works Global?  That guy threatened to sue everyone who had an issue with him.  In other words, e-v-e-r-y o-n-e, period.

No, I mean Global Deposition Services in NYC.   I think the thread back then was started on Court Reporter Connect.   One reporter from Texas waited four months also to be paid, posted on the forum, another reporter pitched in with her experience, and they were told to cease and desist otherwise a lawsuit would be on their hands from Theresa herself.   They are an unscrupulous firm and she is an unscrupulous nasty person.

Doesn't surprise me, Nicole, that they'd react in such a way. They've been AWFUL to deal with.  And I was careful to only post FACTS -- no storytelling.  If anything, I guess I feel a little validated since others have had the same experiences.  Sorry you haven't collected from them.  Looks like I won't be able to either.  (Sigh)

Global owes me a few thousand dollars.  I've been picking up work from them for a little over a year now.  At first the checks were coming in on a somewhat regular basis, but that has slowed.  I'm sick of this crap.  I've know Theresa from the Esquire days and thought she was reputable, but now I'm worried.  Enough is enough.  I'm sick of hearing that attorneys are not paying their bills timely.  That's not my problem. 


I work directly with attorneys.  98% are very fast-pay (even most insurance companies pay quickly, in my experience).  I just got a check in today for a copy invoice I sent out about a week ago.  I got several other checks, too.  When you work directly with counsel, the checks just roll in.  

Some other agencies I have worked for in the past have had very slow-paying clients, however.  Wonder why that is.  o.O


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