Just wanted to share a cool study resource with anybody getting ready for the upcoming written exams. This site helped me a bit with the written RPR a few months ago:

Covers just about every part of grammar, punctuation, sound-alikes and easily confused words, as well as general vocabulary with 174 interactive quizzes.

Hope somebody out there finds it useful :O


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Hey, Mike, thanks for posting this. This is really a comprehensive site. Very cool!!
Hi Mike,

Thanks for posting that site, you can never do too much prep work for the written exams :)
I thought the practice tests they provided really helped me. I'd say by percentage of questions, the biggest thing to worry about is English -- mostly punctuation and vocabulary. There were also some questions about legal terminology, medical terminology, and computer-related jargon, but I seem to remember the bulk of the questions being about English. There were also some ethics and procedural type questions.

The RPR practice tests really did seem to mirror the sorts of questions that showed up, except that the portion of legal/medical/technical that actually came up during the test wasn't too much too worry about.

Thank you soooooooooo much for posting this site!!! Where the heck did you find this?! It's awesome!!!

I'm not anywhere near to taking the RPR (I'm at 160 WPM), but I have a lot of trouble when I transcribe my tests at school -- commas mess me up all the time! Hopefully, this site will help straighten me out once and for all! Hehehe.

Thanks again!


I'm a Steno Nerd!
Thanks Mike!!!
That was fun, Mike. Thank you!

Wow. I really enjoyed those quizzes.

That is truly an eye-opening site. Let me just say that I'm not as smart as I thought I was. LOL! ;)


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