As you all know, we have to look professional when we go to work.  I love to dress up.  I bet I spend close to 12,000 a year on clothes alone.  My husband has no clue - have my own credit card that he doesn't see.  I pride myself on looking the best I can possibly look on my jobs.  I feel I get a lot more respect when I look sharp.  I can really tell a difference.

Anyways, I found this website called Modcloth that is just really great.  I am posting two URLs of two dresses I just bought there this weekend.  I'm hoping the rest of you will like the clothes as much as I do. I am a huge polka dot fan and would have everything in polka dots if I could.  Anyways, here are two dresses I got.  There are many, many more here. 

What I like about the website on reviews is people put what their bust size is and waist and hips and then a comment.  That helps me decide which ones to read because I'm a size 6 with D sized chest and a lot of times clothes don't always look that great if you have a large chest.  I have to be very careful.  It helps to know what size someone is when reviewing what they have to say about an outfit.  They also post pictures of themselves in the outfit, which is very cool.

Let me know what you think.

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Thanks for sharing.  Cute dresses.

I am a big fan of polka dots too.


I just realized one of these dresses does not have arms.  I do not like my arms at all - sort of look flabby.  Not sure why.  I'm thinking it's a 45 year and older thing.  I guess I'll have to wear it with a black jacket.  Bummer.


I can't remember if it was a treadmill that you bought to proof on?  Anyway, incorporate curls and presses behind your head with soup cans or milk jugs with increasing amounts of water while you're on it.  You'll have firmer arms in no time.  It's not an over 45 thing that can't be corrected.  I'm in that demographic and I've probably got more definition in my arms than you'd ever want.  I carry 3 gallon milk jugs in each hand all the time during the winter. 

I have weights at home and I do the tri and bi thing all the time, even go to the gym and do it.  Problem with doing the weights while on the treadmill is I have to make corrections and type.  Maybe I could do it if it was a super clean job.

Yeah, I bet working on a farm, you have one hard body for sure.  Picking up bails of hay too.  There are probably tons of stuff you pick up all day that's heavy that you don't even realize it.

I'll let you know when I get these dresses how they look. 

Very cute dresses. 


Well, I got the first dress in the mail - one with the black and white polka dots.  I love this dress.  Sort looks vintage and old fashioned from the '50s.  I'll post a picture of it on me if I can get a good pic with my iPhone.  You know how that goes.

Kelli, you could get a shrug.  They are short and that would still show most of the dress but give you arm coverage.

You know what, this dress doesn't look bad with my arms showing.  I actually like it that way.  I thought it would look worse than it does.  I also have a short black sweater that would look great if it is colder out. 

Perfect.  I sure thought it was a cute dress.

I just got the red/white polka dot dress today.  I can wear it if I don't eat anything all day.  It's very form fitting and flares out at the knees.  Looks nice but not very forgiving.  I think I'll wear a red blazer over it so I don't have to hold my stomach in all day.  LOL

Another thing is it's not lined.  For $150, you would think it would be a lined dress.  Sort of disappointed about that.

Okay.  Here is one of the dresses I am sending back.  My husband loves it, but I wanted it for work and it looks way, way too tight.  What do you guys think??  Please, I want honest answers.  I am a true size 6, but this dress is tight.  I was thinking if I lose another 10 pounds maybe it would be okay for work.  Right now, It's too tight.  Would be okay for a party or out to dinner but I bought it for work.

Looks great on you, but maybe not for work. Not necessarily that it's too tight, but the cleavage. I know you can't help that, but . . .

Maybe a white cardigan over it would "tame" it down a bit. Then you can lose the cardigan and grabs drinks/dinner after work. :)


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