As you all know, we have to look professional when we go to work.  I love to dress up.  I bet I spend close to 12,000 a year on clothes alone.  My husband has no clue - have my own credit card that he doesn't see.  I pride myself on looking the best I can possibly look on my jobs.  I feel I get a lot more respect when I look sharp.  I can really tell a difference.

Anyways, I found this website called Modcloth that is just really great.  I am posting two URLs of two dresses I just bought there this weekend.  I'm hoping the rest of you will like the clothes as much as I do. I am a huge polka dot fan and would have everything in polka dots if I could.  Anyways, here are two dresses I got.  There are many, many more here. 

What I like about the website on reviews is people put what their bust size is and waist and hips and then a comment.  That helps me decide which ones to read because I'm a size 6 with D sized chest and a lot of times clothes don't always look that great if you have a large chest.  I have to be very careful.  It helps to know what size someone is when reviewing what they have to say about an outfit.  They also post pictures of themselves in the outfit, which is very cool.

Let me know what you think.

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I actually sent it back for a refund.  I did buy it for work and didn't like how form-fitting it was.  The hubby LOVED it, though.  That was flattering.  I seriously don't want to look like that on a job.  Just not appropriate.  I want to set a good example for all the students out there.

The only thing I'm bummed about is I bought a great pair of pumps to match and now I have not a damn thing to wear with them.

The pumps would still look fab w/a pair of jeans and a cute top. :)

Oh, you could also wear the pumps w/a black dress/skirt for a little pop of color.

Perfect dress for a Sunday afternoon wedding.  I'd save it for parties and not use it for work.   Maybe a one-piece bra down to mid thigh?   I'd go for a white jacket/cardigan.  Don't think I'd ever be able to find the right red.   Looks fab on you.  Very partyish and sexy.  Of course your husband loves it!     

I love this dress!  It looks great on you -- but I agree, not for work.  Just had to reply and comment that those pictures on your wall -- they are hanging in my family room!  :O)

Very demure and adorable on you. Certainly appropriate for work.

Great dress.  Must have great posture at all times.  Any slouching and girls won't look good.  Very forgiving in tummy area but slim looking at the same time.

Both are very cute and look great on you.  I love the second one the most.  Love the polka dots.

Okay.  Here is the latest dress that I bought.

I also bought two more that I have not posted.  I'm not sure yet what I think.  We'll see.....

Very cute, but that one will definitely need a sweater.  Funny how different it looks on the one girl as compared to the girl with the ginormous boobs that cover up part of the waistband.  LOL

LOL - yeah, I would definitely wear a sweater if it's for work.  I thought it said a lot for the dress that both of those girls are overweight and they still love the dress and think it's flattering.  I thought since I'm a size 6, it would probably look pretty good and I could actually see the waistband, which is the cutest part of the dress.

I also bought a red dress that's way too sexy for work but if you put a black blazer on, it looks perfect.  I also bought this dress:

Very cute but also a snug.  I also bought this dress that I was saying looks great with a black blazer over it:

I was going to point you to this very same Dot You Agree dress. I love it.


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