As you all know, we have to look professional when we go to work.  I love to dress up.  I bet I spend close to 12,000 a year on clothes alone.  My husband has no clue - have my own credit card that he doesn't see.  I pride myself on looking the best I can possibly look on my jobs.  I feel I get a lot more respect when I look sharp.  I can really tell a difference.

Anyways, I found this website called Modcloth that is just really great.  I am posting two URLs of two dresses I just bought there this weekend.  I'm hoping the rest of you will like the clothes as much as I do. I am a huge polka dot fan and would have everything in polka dots if I could.  Anyways, here are two dresses I got.  There are many, many more here. 

What I like about the website on reviews is people put what their bust size is and waist and hips and then a comment.  That helps me decide which ones to read because I'm a size 6 with D sized chest and a lot of times clothes don't always look that great if you have a large chest.  I have to be very careful.  It helps to know what size someone is when reviewing what they have to say about an outfit.  They also post pictures of themselves in the outfit, which is very cool.

Let me know what you think.

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Very nice.  That dress and also the pants do not leave much room for anything but the perfect body it looks like.  Beautiful though.  Can't wait to see what you post when you put it on.  Drum roll........

Oh, Kelli, I do not have a perfect body, LOL, how I wish!  The pants I will wear with a longer blouse or sweater and black blazer (my favorite cover-up)!  The dress is lined, so it's not see-through, and I'll probably wear it with black tights (spanx type, haha) and maybe a blazer, not sure yet.  I tend to wear blazers a lot because I hate feeling like my chest is too big.  I hope I don't get ripped a new one if I post a pic, haha, so I am putting it out there, a model I am not!  Once I hit my 40s, it's so much harder to keep weight off!  I also may buy a black cardigan, I love how it looks with your dress!

Thanks a lot, Carol! I've been SO good at trying not to shop. Then you go and mention WHBM. I LOVE that store! I ended up buying two dresses, a skirt and a top! :( I'm just hoping to be able to squeeze into them. They're all different sizes: 00, 0 and a 2. I'm betting I can't get my booty into the 00, but I SO LOVE the dress -- I'll just have to starve myself into it, if only for even one day. :) At least they have a good return policy.

Shopping online is just too easy, and I can do a lot of damage in a very short amount of time . . . click, click, click!!! The only way for me to not do it is to just stay away, but after seeing all Kelli's cute dresses and following your link to just take a looksy . . . $100s later . . . I'm eagerly waiting for my package to arrive!

Quyen -

You have to post a picture of yourself in your cute outfit.  I've seen you and know how tiny you are.  I'm sure it will look amazing!! 

I'm totally addicted to shopping online, especially when I get bored.  It is so fun and there are so many amazing stores out there.  Check out this cute number from Boston Proper.

Hi, again, Kelli.  I'm 47, too, and know EXACTLY what you mean about dieting, etc.  My hubs can drop ten pounds (and more) no problem, and I feel like I have to starve myself to do it!  I think for women there comes a certain age (40s) where it gets so hard!  I remember the days of being a 0, then 2, then 4, now 6, and some things an 8!  I miss the old days, haha.


I absolutely LOVE the dress you posted!  It would look great with a black cardigan or blazer, and I love the black on the sides, very slimming!  Are you buying it?  Such pretty colors!!

I'm not sure.  I'm sending the polka dot dress back.  It makes my boobs look like I have double EEs.  Check it out.  I just feel too old for this dress.  It would have looked better if I was 20 years younger.

it looks better with a jacket but is still going back, especially for $190.00.

Wow, Kelli, I think you look great!  I love black and white.  I love it with the jacket, and I know how you feel about the boobs, I'm constantly trying to "hide" them!  I wear jackets and sweaters to try and take the eyes off them.  I have to say it looks really good on you, I especially love the jacket with it, too cute!  I like your shoes, too.  It's still cold here in NY, so I'm still wearing black tights and pumps or shoe boots.  I can't wait for the warm weather to get here! 

Kelli, it looks really cute w/the jacket.

I so love the Boston Proper dress!  Is it expensive?  I can't afford the clothes I really want, haha, so I wait for sales, unless it's reasonble.  The colors are so pretty, and I'd love to venture out color-wise! 

haha, sorry, Quyen!  I love shopping online, too!  I get so caught up in it, it's so exciting!  My best friend is a skinny little thing like you (I'm so jealous), and recently we were Manhattan for the weekend to see a show and have dinner.  She wore this beautiful sweater dress with knee-high black boots, and she looked AMAZING!  She's a 0 like you, and this dress would probably look great on you, too.  Although I just checked, and they only have it in a 4-6.  I wish I had a body like hers and apparently yours!  WHBM has fabulous clothes.  I wish I fit in blouses better.  Again, with my chest, I have to buy it large because the buttons pull, and then it's too long in the sleeves and everywhere else.  My friend has small boobs and we're both jealous of each other, LOL!  Post a picture of the clothes, too.  I love fashion!

I LOVE sweater dresses (I have a ton) w/boots.


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