Hope you have a really wonderful year... 

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Happy Birthday, Kelli!

You're not taking a job today, I hope. 

No, way.  I don't work on my birthday if I can help it.  Whenever I take a job on my birthday, it always seems to be a nighmare job.  I'd rather sleep in and play with my pets.

Thanks for the birthday wish!!

I've had that exact same experience, nightmare jobs on my birthday.

Happy Birthday, Kelli.  Have a wonderful day! 


Thank you, Debbie!!  Turning 47 is not all that much to celebrate about, but I'm healthy and happy, so that's good.


Happy birthday!

Jenny, that is so cool how you did that.

I just turned 60 (!!!)  47 -- pffft!  Not even a 1/2 century -- you're a baby!

Happy Birthday, Kelli!!!

Have a wonderful day with your pets and your hubby.


Thank you sooooo much, Jenny and Janiece.  You put a big smile on my face today.

Very Happy Birthday, Kelli!!  Thanks for being there for all of us!!

Happy birthday Kelli!


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