If you have a question about an agency, post the agency name here along with your e-mail address, and someone who's familiar with the agency will e-mail you back. Please do not post any negative comments.

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How about Kennedy Reporters in southern california? shriga@charter.net. thanks
Has anyone ever heard of Ralph Rosenburg in Hawaii?
Huntington Court Reporters & Transcription, Inc., in Pasadena? My email address is fastfingers10@yahoo.com.

Hi Barbara,

When I first started reporting I looked into this company. I had a friend who was a transcriptionist for them. She said at that time (approx 1 1/2 years ago) she was having problems with bounced checks. I assume they've cleared up this problem since they are still around, and I can't imagine reporters sticking with them if their checks kept bouncing. If you have heard different, please let me know.
reid & associates?
I worked with Lipka years ago and she pays within a reasonable amount of time. No problems there
The Souza Group? My email is email@rachelgard.com.

Souza Group is very very nice. Tell Harry I say hello. Take the job definitely. Love your doggie!
Have any of you out there worked for Benchmark Depo in California? I took a job in Nevada and am still waiting (2 months) for payment. Does anyone out there have any experience with them and how/when they pay the reporters? Thanks...my email is lisa@hawton.org
I haven't worked for them myself, but I have heard from others that they are not good about paying timely. It takes multiple phone calls. They say they don't pay until they get paid from their clients.
Hi, I am a new reporter and have heard so many different opinions and comments about different agencies.
Can anyone point me in the right direction. I am in Los Angeles Caifornia. What about Hutchings?
What about Norman Schall? Anyone??????????????????? Thanks denicezav@aol.com


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