Hi! I'm Megan and I'm new here to CSRNation! I am a current student at Sage College in 140 in CA looking for an online program and stumbled across Steno Life, anyone have good/bad reviews? I'm glad to be here and have some support from students and current reporters! 

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There are student groups on here.  You might post there also to get feedback from people who are in school right now.  Best of luck to you.


Hi, Megan!  What a great pic!  Look at that smile - wow!  I'm out in Washington, DC, but I'll send you good wishes for great things in your reporting career.


"What a great pic!  Look at that smile - wow!"

I have a feeling Megan will do well.  Being beautiful certainly does not hurt one's prospects in this field.

Megan, where is Sage?  Is that the one in Anaheim?  If so, that's where Tami sends her kids.  I'm sure she'd recommend Mark's online courses.

Thank you everyone! You are all too kind! Sage is in Moreno Valley, CA. I enjoy it, but it is just so expensive!! I work full time as well so going two days at night is just not cutting it. With my online program at StenoLife I will be doing about 4 hours a day at home. I'm hoping this will pick up my speed! Again, thank you all for the warm welcome and kind words.


Hi, Megan.  I would recommend looking into Mark Kislingbury's online school.  It is only $99/month, I believe, for students coming from other schools.  His is the only school I would even recommend for going to court reporting school anymore because I have become a believer in his methods of writing after being out in the reporting world for a few years.  He also has Magnum Steno Club which has a free trial period where you can see what his methods are all about.  Good luck with your schooling.  This is a great profession.  

I agree with Christina C. Mark Kislingbury is the bomb!!!!

I posted an event about Mark having a seminar in Burlingame (by my house) on Septembrer 29th.  I'm totally going to sign up.  He's awesome.  Very funny guy too.


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