I live and scope in Tomahawk, WI. I have been scoping for about a year and a half and I really love it! This site seems like it will be a great social and business networking tool.
I'm looking forward to getting to know a lot of you!


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Hi Joan,

It's nice to meet you also. I'm just a bit southwest from you in Iowa. I also love scoping and
enjoy telling others about it since so few people know what it is. I believe that when we
enjoy our work, our enthusiasm becomes contagious.

Once again, it's great to see you here. I haven't seen a whole lot of networking happening
here and there's no reason why it can't start!!

Ms. Devon Roberts
Hi Devon,

I went to your site, it's really nice. I agree with you, networking is so important for us, especially right now. A lot of scopists I have talked to are slow and trying to find work, and then a few are so busy they can't keep up, I hope there is a way to spread it out a little for us. Even like a place where scopists can pass along names of reporters they can't help because they are too busy to other scopists, etc,

I have been scoping a year and a half and love it, I have been so blessed and had a busy year. Now things are slowing for me a bit, or else I get the one job and they disappear, reporters who want you to have time for them, but never seem to come through with the work.

I know things will pick up for me, I just have to be out here in the world and keep looking, there are so many reporters that need help ,and when they finally get some help with a scopist they can't believe they waited so long!

It's really nice to meet you too, and I know what you mean about no one knowing what a scopist is, sometimes I get a weird look until I explain it to them!

Joan Hurtis
Hi, Joan,

Nice to have you here! Question: Do you do title and cert pages? I love it when scopists can do that. lol
I usually do them if the reporter sends me the format, so to speak, if they are there I will fill them in or if I work with a reporter for a while I will always keep those pages in my includes for that reporter. That way I can put it in the file if need be.
It's nice to meet you, too! : )


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