I'm having trouble distinguishing what word was spoken by a witness the other day and I'm wondering if anyone can help me out with this one. I wrote HAP/LOG, and that's all it sounds like when I listen back to the audio. Here's the context:

A. During the Klaiser sale --
Q. You mean Klarin?
A. What, Clarence?
Q. Klarin.
A. Oh, Klarin. What did I say?
Q. I don't know what you said the first time.
A. Klaiser. It's another name I know that's very close to this one, and I slip that name all the time, haplog that name. I'm sorry. Klarin.

Any ideas what word this could be? Thanks in advance for your help, guys.

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If it's a non-video, I'd go with the tried-and-true strategy of if in doubt, leave it out. I'd make it this:

"It's another name I know that's very close to this one, and I slip on that name all the time."

If it's a video, I'd send the witness a sound clip and let him/her tell me what the stupid word is.
haplography [hæpˈlɒgrəfɪ]
n pl -phies
(Linguistics) the accidental writing of only one letter or syllable where there should be two similar letters or syllables, as in spelling endodontics as endontics
[from Greek, from haplous single + -graphy]

Source: http://www.thefreedictionary.com/haplography

The speaker could have made up a word derived from "haplography," i.e., "haplog." LOL
Wow! You might be right, Jennie. But even if you aren't, thanks for the new ( to me) word! Never heard that one before. Might come in handy one day.
Wow, Jennie! I just had to write to you and thank you for your wisdom. THAT WAS VERY IMPRESSIVE. You are one true professional. I like people like you, makes me smarter, too. Like attracts like and I try to associate with those above me. You are a true gift....PROPS TO YOU! WOW!
Thank you, Jennie! I did some major googling last night, and haplography was all I could come up with as well. Since haplog isn't a word, I guess I will use [sic] after it and let it go at that. Does that sound right to you?
I wouldn't even [sic] it, Sharla. Just leave as is, in my opinion. Thanks for asking the question, though! That's why I love reading forums like this. I learn so much from you guys.
Jennie, can I put you on my emergency speed dial? Great job:)
Why, of course, Lisa. Hey, you know, I've become a pretty good Googler in my old age, mainly out of necessity.

One of the HARDEST jobs I ever transcribed in my life was a World Bank conference entitled "The Realm of Sacred Architecture and Places." There was one synagogue in India that I just could not get the spelling for. I searched and searched and searched. I kept inserting various keywords and similar-sounding spellings of how I thought it was spelled on Google.

I found that spelling. It was one of my biggest triumphs to get that spelling of that synagogue in India. I wasn't going to give up. This was probably the hardest job I had ever done in my life. Here's one snippet, and the entire job was just like this:

Two tevahs in a synagogue, one in the center and one up above, can be seen in other typical Sephardic synagogues all over the world. This one, an 18th century synagogue in Borçka in Turkey is called Geirush, which means "expulsion" in Hebrew. Is it possible that they all use a Spanish model which is lost now? As far away as Kadavumbagham Synagogue in Cochin, India, this faraway custom existed.

It was one of those jobs where you couldn't type one sentence without stopping to Google. It was in 1999 that I typed this, and I still haven't gotten over that transcript yet. LOL

Thanks for the kind words! :-)
I hate those kinds of jobs. I've not had anything that would seemingly be THAT bad, though--knock on wood. Tell me you didn't have to read back at least:)
No, I only transcribed it from audio recording. There was no reporter present, which made it even worse. These were strictly World Bank-produced standard audiotape recordings. I had absolutely no hard-copy materials to work from.

A reporter on site would have been SWEET for me as the transcriptionist, though he or she may not have liked it too much. LOL
Thanks to everyone for your help and for always having such a generous, helpful spirit. I knew I could count on you guys! :) Thank you so much!


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