I am Looking for a product that is comparable to Etranscript or RealLegal. Is there anything out there new or used?




is anyone aware if even if such an animal exists.


I have an older version of RealLegal/Etranscript which I paid a lot of money for and the company will no longer support.


I do not know the exact price, but I had someone from my office call and they wanted something along the lines of $175/mo.   We did not get any follow-up info in the mail, although we were told that we would receive it.


I would be interested in purchasing an older version or if there's a competing version that I'm not aware of, please, if someone wants to be a good samaritan and enlighten me, you would make a new friend.


Thank you so much.


Chuck Carmody


or feel free to call tollfree

at (877) 646-2599

Local 215-646-2599






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Apparently there are lawyers involved.  Take a look at this thread when you have the chance.
I think someone should hire attorneys to sue RealLegal for gouging us at $60 a pop for each Etrans, not going after OTEC, if in fact someone is!!!!  BOYCOTT REALLEGAL!
Wow!!  $60 per conversion!!!!  When I left my firm in 2006, it was $25 per conversion and I thought that was bad!!
I couldn't agree more, Cindy.  I hate RealLegal.

Chuck -- I went through a similar situation.  Try YesLaw PDF transcript.  LOVE IT!  So do my clients and it's somewhere around a $250 onetime fee.  Support has been great.




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