I bought a Kindle recently and have become a voracious reader lately.  My favorite was "Unbroken."  Amazing book about WWII.  Nothing will top that book, but I need something new.  I am done reading.


Anyone have any suggestions for me?

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The Help, Girl with the Dragon Tatoo.

I already read The Help.  Saw the movie Dragon Tattoo.  Need something new.

Just downloaded to my kindle The Hunger Games.  No idea what it's about.  Hope it's good.  Had 4 1/2 stars.

"Dragon Tattoo" -- the book is WAY better than the movie (as is almost always the case) . . . or so I've heard.  And it's a trilogy, so you've got two more books to go.  :)
Kelli, I love a book by the same author.  You've probably already read it, "Seabiscuit."  It's really good too.  I'm glad to know about "Unbroken."  I want to read that too.
So, Kelli, do you like reading from an Ereader as opposed to reading a book?
Yes, the Kindle is wonderful.  It is light and easy to use.  My hands would always get tired holding regular books because some of them are heavy w/hardback covers.  The Kindle is light and I don't have that problem.  I just bought a leather cover for it with a light that is part of the cover so I can read in bed with a couple of cats curled up around me.  No place I would rather be.  :)
I'm reading The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks.  It's about a woman whose cells were taken without her knowing it, and they ended up being the basis for cellular research that's provided most of our modern medical developments: polio vaccine, cloning, cancer research.  I'm only half way through, but it's a fascinating book about a different time in medical and social history and the repercussions of all of it on her family.  It's well written, and the science is easy to understand.
Debbie, is that a fictional book?  Just curious.

It's not fiction.  I read it for my book club.  A lot of us had a hard time getting through it because it is technical at times, and definitely not light reading, but most of us enjoyed it.  It is very interesting.  I'm glad I read it, but it wouldn't be at the top of my list to read.  It led to a very interesting discussion for book club. 

Hey Kel!  I didn't know you had time to read.  I have the Barnes & Noble Nook and love it.  I read the whole "Hunger Games" trilogy and loved it.  "Sarah's Key" was a good book also.  Forgot who the author was.

Hey, Kelly!!


How are you, my long-time friend?  So Hunger Games is a trilogy?  I didn't know that.  Is Hunger Games the first one?  I am not very far into it.  On Amazon it had lots of stars.  I will read Sarah's Key next.  A friend who is in a book club told me about that one.  Must be good.


Hope you are doing well, my dear.  Did you ever come up to San Fran to look for schools for your son?

Hunger Games is the first one.  Catchin Fire is next, then Mockingjay.  I read them back to back as I tend to get a little obsessed with reading.  If you ever need any book suggestions, email me.  I read all the time and am in 2 book clubs.

We're going to come up sometime in the early fall to check out some schools, so I will definitely let you know when so we can get together.  Hope you and Chris and the kitties are all doing well.  All is well here, just crazy as usual!


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