I bought a Kindle recently and have become a voracious reader lately.  My favorite was "Unbroken."  Amazing book about WWII.  Nothing will top that book, but I need something new.  I am done reading.


Anyone have any suggestions for me?

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Glad things are good.  We will talk soon.
I think it would be fun to get into a book club.  How do you go about doing that?
I was asked to join both of the ones I'm in.  One was started as a neighborhood book club, which is nice because for most of the meetings we're in walking distance.  My other one was started by a friend who wanted to be in a book club but didn't know of any, so she just asked friends to be in it and started her own.  I like it because they make me branch out and read things I may not ever choose to read.
Great way to meet new friends too I guess.
The neighborhood one is a great way to keep in touch with your neighbors.  Even though we all live in the same neighborhood, we don't always see each other that often.

Agree that the Girl with the dragon tattoo is much more rewarding than the movie.  I enjoyed all three books in the series.  And FYI, there is an American version of the movie being made now.

As for others, I like Beach Road by James Patterson.  Still one of my favorites.

Sandra Brown is one of my favorites; Smash Cut,Tough Customer and Smoke Screen are good reads, her last three.

Dirty Blonde by Lisa Scottolini was surprisingly good too.

I have to stop here...I could go on for pages  ;-)

I have just started getting into reading now that I have my Kindle and just love it.  I appreciate all the suggestions and will look into them.  I am starting Sarah's Key next, which someone recommended above.  It is so cool being able to purchase it online through your Kindle in a matter of seconds.  Sweet!!

what genre do you prefer?  Im one for murder mystery thriller types, but the characters and setting has to appeal to me which is what narrows down my choices.

Of course, legal thrillers coincide with the above as well.  

I like history of the southwest and Civil War as well as WWII.

Any favorite authors?  Im probing for new books to read as well  ;-)


I love true stories about people that endure unthinkable circumstances and make it through.  The best book I ever read was "Unbreakable" about WWII and what one individual in particular had to endure.  Such a good book. I recommend it highly.




great, thanks for the suggestion.  Ill be sure to look into that!
Haven't read Unbroken, but you have to try The Secret Scripture by Sebastian Berry.  My favorite all time book and author now!



What's the Secret Scripture about? 


I think you are right, my book I was talking about is Unbroken and not unbreakable.  Had the title wrong.



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