Is anyone running LiveNote over a LAN without Stenocast?

Is it possible to run LiveNote over a wireless network?  Not LiveNote stream, but a LAN, similar to a wireless CaseViewNet situation.


I want to run LiveNote wirelessly, but not LiveNote Stream.  Cables are a thing of the past.  Just checking to see what others out there are doing.



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Don't know quite how to do that.  Not saying it can't be done, though.  Usually you have to use special software and the atty goes to a website and there is the RT feed.  Not heard of what you are talking about, though.  I will be interested to see what people say about it.


Also, I don't think cables are a thing of the past.  StenoCast crashed on me over 20 times.  I finally threw my hands up in the air and went to retractable cables and have not had a problem since.   Less stress is a good thing. 

What you are talking about is the LiveNoteStream.  I'm trying to do it over a Local Area Netrwrok.  Bridge, Teleview, and CaseViewNet are all capable of running over a LAN, which is not the same is the internet. 


I do all my realtime over a home network that I created with my little fleet of throw-down computers.  I use a travel router, which is about as big as a deck of cards, and then all my computers are linked together on the network.  I share a folder on my CAT laptop and the computers on the network can access the folder over the network and get the feed.  Its' really pretty cool. 


I personally have never had any luck with cables because the USB converters aren't stable, or the attorneys don't have a serial port, or an adapter, or they can't figure out how to find the serial port and on and on and on. So for me cables are a thing of the past.


So after checking with LiveNote support, LiveNote cannot be sent over a LAN.  Bummer!

You can actually use a bluetooth device similar to Stenocast to output to a computer using LiveNote or any of the other viewing computers.  I found the instructions online and sent them to a friend of mine.  She got it up and running.   Only drawback is you can only send out to one computer, but it's a VERY cheap alternative to Stenocast. 


I have Stenocast and love it!!  I have NEVER experienced a problem until this past week.  I had to provide a viewing computer so I took my newest laptop, which has Windows 7 on it.  I have an old IBM laptop running Windows XP.  The Win 7 laptop kept giving me an error message and then rebooting the computer.  I have 5 Stenocast receivers.  Tried all five and it still kept booting me out.  Emailed Stenocast support.  They told me it was the computer and I was on my own to figure it out - some tech support!

I'm not a fan of bluetooth either.   Too many things can interfere with it.  I also have StenoCast and it works well.  I have four throw-downs with XP, and my CAT laptop is 7.  Haven't had a problem. Maybe you had a corrupt driver or something.  Perhaps reloading drivers or doing a system restore would help.  Windows update might help too.  It's crazy out there with all these versions of Windows.  I am currently using all of them in some form or another, including Vista.


Good Luck!

I uninstalled the Stenocast driver on the Win 7 computer and reinstalled it and it still did the same thing.  I even tried a different version of Bridge.  Both ASI/Eclipse and Stenocast said it was definitely a conflict issue, but no one could tell me what to look for, and I sure couldn't figure it out because I had nothing else plugged in to that computer using a USB port.   Oh, well.  I gave up and exchanged my new Win 7 laptop with my husband and took his OLD Windows XP laptop and it worked beautifully.  I got an extra viewing computer which is what I needed and my husband got a super duper notebook computer that should make him feel like he's on the Autobahn!
Awesome!  Sound like it worked out for everyone!


I think there's an issue with Windows 7/Bridge/XP.  I use Windows 7 on my CAT computer.  My throwdowns have XP.  It's happened several times that I get an error message "Access Violation" and then I get the blue crash screen.  The last time it happened, I rebooted the Windows 7 computer, switched the throwdowns to LiveNote, and it worked perfectly.  Now I don't dare to start up with Bridge.  The violation doesn't happen until I start writing (usually when the job starts). 

That's odd. I am running Bridge with no problems in conjunction with Windows 7.  I have 7 on my CAT machine and my throwdowns have XP.  However, I am doing it over a LAN.  If you are running it with cables or BT, that may be your culprit. There may be some integration issues with drivers and such between the Windows versions. 


That is another is why I dislike BT.  I have had bad experiences with BT and my machine and BT and transmitting to other machines. Too many variables can cause problems or interfere.


You should let Advantage software know you're having issues.  They should have the opportunity to try to fix it if it is something on their end.


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