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I'm writing to inform you of a movement that is spreading throughout the state, and it affects all court reporters. In fact, this also reaches beyond state lines, as we have received feedback from reporters and agencies in multiple states across the country that are dealing with this issue. It is time to find our voice and to end the Southern California Stipulation once and for all!

We have put together a Facebook group focused on the support, encouragement and tools necessary to end every deposition by Code and to eliminate this dated, unethical, immoral practice known as the "SoCal Stip." We have over 1,300+ members to date, and if you are unaware of this movement or have been searching for a way to make an impact in our profession, I encourage everyone to please join our movement and to help us to systematically eradicate the Southern California Stipulation!


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WILD APPLAUSE for this progressive movement!  Join the Facebook group to read how reporters are joining together in a united front to STOP this practice that is actually against the laws on the book but has been practiced for literally decades.

I am truly amazed at the number of reporters AND AGENCIES who are onboard with the Stop the Stip movement.  IT WORKS when reporters MAKE it work, and agencies stand behind them.  It's a beautiful thing to see!

Amazing effort, and each day brings another story of REPORTERS WINNING - winning back control of the record and ensuring that the law, enacted BY lawyers, is followed.


It seems the So Cal attorneys are getting the hint.  I have not had anyone stipulate away the original in a long time.  Veritext even sent out a letter explaining this and I made copies to explain to attorneys we don't have to stip away our original.  Yay!!


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